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   LEDAS Cloud Platform

LEDAS Cloud Platform (LCP) develops and customizes client-server applications for 3D modeling on both public and private cloud environments. LCP connects bi-directionally between the 3D data being visualized in a Web browser and the 3D model being represented on the server. Areas of application include the creation and editing of CAD/PLM and AEC/BIM models, as well as processing meshes, working with point clouds, and solving all kinds of 3D modeling problems. It is designed to be integrated with commercial and open-source geometric kernels and third-party 3D modeling libraries. LCP supports all major browsers for Windows, MacOS, and Linux desktops and iOS and Android on mobile devices.

   Success Stories: Customers and Partners

From its start in 1999, LEDAS has delivered R&D software projects to world-famous companies. The list of our customers includes Dassault Systemes, Cimatron, JetCAM, ASCON, OR Laser, Top Systems, and Information Satellite Systems. See the descriptions and references of these and many others. The excellently-executed projects were accepted and appreciated by our customers. By now, the total volume of these projects exceeds hundreds of man-years.

   LEDAS Geometry Comparison

LEDAS Geometry Comparison (LGC) is a brand-new solution that pinpoints differences between similar 3D models, just as revision control systems do with text. Applications of LGC include interoperability in CAD/CAM/CAE software, comparing revisions in product data management systems, and automating quality assurance for any code that generates 3D models. This reliable and parallelized software component that outperforms its competitors in many times is available for evaluation and integration into engineering software.
See LGC video and try a free demo application now!

   Skills and competence

Our unique expertise in mathematics and software engineering enables the LEDAS team to effectively develop difficult projects in CAD, CAM, CAE, PLM, and other domains. We create software that combines transparent architecture, scalability, reliability, and high performance. LEDAS boasts an outstanding expertise in the development of 3D geometric modeling kernels, constraint solvers, CAM optimization components, schedulers, and other forms of high-tech engineering software.

   Products and Technologies

From its very start, LEDAS was known globally as a vendor of advanced CAD technology components and products. These include LGS 2D and LGS 3D geometric constraint solvers that competed successfully with DCM from Siemens PLM Software; and LEDAS Variational Direct Modeling technology integrated into BricsCAD, KOMPAS-3D, Rhinoceros 3D, and SketchUp. These components are licensed to dozens customers all over the world. Now LEDAS markets its brand-new LEDAS Geometry Comparison component and Web service, ready to be integrated with software from all vendors.


LEDAS provides services in the areas of software research and development, consulting, and localization. We work primarily in the domain of engineering software, but also tackle other projects that require a combination of high-level skills with complex algorithms, software architecture, and programming. Our R&D team has 30 software experts and managers working on the basis of best practices in customer relations and software project management.

   About Our Company

Founded in 1999, LEDAS enjoys the advantage of being located in Akademgorodok, the world-famous research, technology, and university center in Novosibirsk, Russia. This location provides excellent access to talented human resources. LEDAS is a resident of Academpark, a leading Russian technopark, home to a 100 other innovative software companies.

   isicad: Analytics, News and Events about CAD/PLM

Since 2004, LEDAS has published isicad.ru, the #1 Russian CAD/PLM Web portal — and its English mini-version isicad.net. These present analytical articles, reviews, news, and interviews of leading Russian and worldwide vendors. At the same time, LEDAS holds isicad, a bi-annual, international, multi-vendor forum. In recent years, the forum was held in cooperation with the world-famous COFES think tank. LEDAS supports and edits PLMpedia, a unique electronic encyclopedia, and participates in publishing books on engineering software.

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