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LEDAS headquarters is in Akademgorodok, which is a world-famous educational and scientific center in Novosibirsk, Western Siberia, the third largest Russian city after Moscow and St-Petersburg.

Created 50 years ago in the ecological heaven of the pine forest 20 km south to Novosibirsk on the bank of the Ob river, Akademgorodok became a home for 35 research institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences (with 5,000 scientists), 50 IT companies (with 1,500 programmers), and 30 other high-tech companies (with 1,000 engineers). Many world-leading technological companies have R&D offices in Akademgorodok, including Intel, Schlumberger, and Samsung.

Novosibirsk State University (one of the leading Russian universities in Mathematics, Physics and Biology) with its 6,000 students is a unique source of highly qualified workforce for LEDAS.

In 2005, a TechnoPark was started in Akademgorodok, already comprising 160,000 m2 of labs & offices, to establish a stronghold of Russian innovative economics, based on the existing scientific potential in IT, bioinformatics, and electronics.


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