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27 Oct 2012

JETCAM presented highly-anticipated automated nesting at EuroBLECH 2012

JETCAM International s.a.r.l. presented at the EuroBLECH exhibition in Hannover a demo video of a highly-anticipated automated nesting function, with punching process. The process involves many engineering constraints, such as choosing the correct tools, properly determining overlaps, and ordering of the punches. JETCAM Expert software replaces manual jobs normally prepared by CAM system users, and so far only partially automated in other CAM software. This fully automated punching functionality is being developed by LEDAS, and will be a breakthrough by saving firms money and effort.

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05 Oct 2012

LEDAS presented its R&D services at the Bricsys 2012 International Conference in Amsterdam

LEDAS presented its R&D services on the main stage at the Bricsys 2012 International Conference in Amsterdam. Many of the new features in the recently-released BricsCAD V13 were based on the Bricsys LGS 3D constraint solver, originally developed by LEDAS. We are able to help third-party developers of other CAD software to integrate their solutions with the BricsCAD platform, as well as to create custom solutions that run on top of it.

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18 Apr 2012

LEDAS makes JETCAM to work 50 times faster

JETCAM International s.a.r.l (Monaco) recently announced a simultaneous launch of updates to its two flagship products – JETCAM Expert CADCAM and nesting software for sheet metal and composite users, and the Premium version of JETCAM Order Controller (JOC), which provides remote ordering, geometry creation and nesting for JETCAM Expert.

Version 16.23.02 of JETCAM Expert is the start of several end user releases planned for 2012 focussing on punching for sheet metal. The new release boasts a 50 x improvement when performing web nesting due to a completely re-written underlying core. It also includes the recently announced Prima-Power XML postprocessor for Tulus based controllers, along with many other feature enhancements across the board.

One of the key improvements in this version is a significant progress in the functional performance of web nesting (placing parts on the sheet so that, after cutting punching method, "skeleton" remains connected). The development of a new algorithmic kernel for the new version was outsourced to LEDAS whose team succeeded to accelerate related functionality of the previously already used functionality by 50 times based on the completely rewritten core algorithms.

JETCAM Order Controller v8.50 provides a remote method of ordering components or assemblies within JETCAM Expert, and this latest version provides a raft of benefits and improvements. The CAD import engine has been completely rewritten and now supports JETCAM Expert’s Single Component Automatic Processing (SCAP). This allows JOC users to remotely and automatically create geometry files from multiple CAD drawings and tool them for a punching or profiling machine with just a few clicks of a mouse. Upon receiving instructions from JOC, JETCAM will automatically process the queued files and report back once done. Users of JETCAM’s Remote Control Processing (RCP) module for JETCAM also benefit from a new streamlined interface. JOC also includes a comprehensive reports designer and generator, allowing for customized reports to be easily designed and implemented.

JETCAM was founded in 1986 to develop and market software systems for computer numerical control programming of punching and cutting machines used in sheet metal fabrication and composite cutting. By 2012, has over 12,000 licences granted to enterprises in more than 80 countries around the globe. Its customers include such well-known names as Embraer, Bombardier Aerospace and Red Bull Technology. JETCAM is a true customer-driven company: development of CrossTrack, a system to manage orders, materials and assemblies, was initiated upon customer requests. Together with JETCAM Expert it forms an automated order processing system that independently generates a CNC code for any machine.

At the end of 2010, JETCAM started transfer of its software product development to LEDAS. Today, a big team of LEDAS developers is continuously and successfully working within several JETCAM projects.

See also: "From the Prague Spring to a Siberian summer" and Related press-release of the JETCAM International.

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08 Aug 2011

JETCAM and LEDAS signed a Cooperation Agreement in the field of CAM software development

JETCAM, the leading company on the global market of nesting and material lifecycle management software for sheet metal and aerospace industries, transfers part of its software product development to LEDAS.

Skills of the LEDAS team, which obtained a remarkable experience during last 12 years of works for Dassault Systemes projects, are highly requested by the market, and now more and more CAD/CAM vendors starts to outsource their R&D at LEDAS on long-term basis.

Find more details about the cooperation between JETCAM and LEDAS in the paper "From the Prague Spring to a Siberian summer" written by Dmitry Ushakov, CEO, LEDAS, for isicad.net.

Read more: http://isicad.net/articles.php...

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28 Apr 2011

LEDAS Ltd releases version 5.0 of LGS 3D, its powerful geometric constraint solver

New version improves on its performance, introduces several new functions requested by LEDAS customers, and enhances the quality of its solutions.

As a core technology component of CAD/CAM/CAE software, LGS 3D is used to implement geometric, dimensional, and engineering constraints in applications involving assembly design, motion simulation, and direct modeling.

Read more: http://ledas.com/products/lgs3...

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29 Sep 2010

Adding Intelligence to Direct Modeling: a talk by Dmitry Ushakov at COFES Russia seminar

During the plenary session of the COFES-Russia/isicad-2010 forum held in Moscow on September 21, 2010, Dmitry Ushakov, LEDAS Director of Product Management, gave a five-minute talk on the topic of direct modeling in computer-aided design systems. The extended version of his presentation was published at isicad.net web portal.

Design Intent in Direct Modeling

Read more: http://isicad.net/articles.php...

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15 Sep 2010

David Levin, LEDAS CEO and founder, gave an interview to a popular Russian CAD bloger

Cadovod, a popular Russian CAD bloger, published an interview with David Levin, LEDAS CEO and founder. The interview described history, current positioning, and development trends of the LEDAS Company. Its translation to English was published at the isicad.net.

Read more: http://isicad.net/articles.php...

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