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21 Jul 2010

LEDAS Ltd. becomes a resident of Novosibirsk Technopark

Russian Federation Government has launched the "Development of the high-tech oriented Technoparks" program. This program was developed according to the President's decree. Novosibirsk Technopark is one of the largest construction development projects in the East part of Russian Federation. This development is powered by the partnership between the government and the private sector.

Resident status of Novosibirsk Technopark will allow LEDAS Ltd. to take the following advantages:

  • top-priority use of Technopark services, including rental of premises;
  • participation in support programs for Technopark residents;
  • participation in innovative activity support programs, implemented in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, the Novosibirsk Region and Novosibirsk;
  • participation in preparation of Technopark development programs.

LEDAS entry into Novosibirsk Technopark does not assume any changes in its ownership and will not violate its obligations to any third party.

Read more: http://www.eng.int-park.com/...

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12 Jul 2010

LEDAS made Constraints Demo Application available for all ODA members

The Open Design Alliance (ODA), a non-profit consortium of over 2,000 software developers and users committed to promoting open, industry-standard formats for the exchange of CAD data and CAD legacy data, works with third party component vendors to deliver direct access to a variety of additional features to members.

The list of third party components available to ODA members (ACIS from Spatial, HOOPS from TechSoft3D, Adobe-Based PDF) has been extended with the Constraints Support from LEDAS.

All ODA members can now integrate the LEDAS LGS 2D geometric constraint solver with a Teigha for .dwg files client application to provide easy access to constraint solving functionality.

A sample application demonstrating a number of constraint-related features can be found on the ODA web site. The demo implements the following functions:

  • Load a drawing file containing constraints, and render the drawing.
  • Add constraints to a drawing file.
  • Move geometry on the screen, when the mouse is released all geometry is updated per the constraints contained in the drawing.
  • Edit distance or angle parameters, causing constrained geometry to be updated automatically.

More information about the LGS 2D solver can be found at http://www.ledas.com/products/lgs2d. Inquiries about the Teigha-LGS 2D integration module can be sent to info@ledas.com.

Read more: http://opendesign.com/the_oda_...

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26 May 2010

LEDAS business representatvive in China

Now Chinese companies interested in integration of LGS 2D/3D constraint solving technology into their CAD/CAM/CAE software applications can contact directly LEDAS business representative in China at china@ledas.com in Chinese language.

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18 May 2010

LEDAS Responds to D-Cubed

Latest issue of weekly e-newsletter upFront.eZine contains a Guest Editorial written by Dmitry Ushakov, Director of Product Management, LEDAS Ltd. It is a letter sent by Dmitry to Ralph Grabowski, the editor of upFront.eZine, in response to the paper “All About D-Cubed's 2D DCM” published in the previous issue of upFront.eZine. The paper included the interview with Neil Howarth, the business development manager for the D-Cubed Components business of Siemens PLM Software. In his interview Dr Howarth mentioned LEDAS Ltd. as “a relatively recent entrant [on the market for geometric constraint solving components]”.

In his response letter Dmitry briefly described the 11-year history of LEDAS Ltd. and the 7-year history of its LGS 2D component, a direct competitor of D-Cubed’s 2D DCM. He also pointed out the primary difference between LEDAS and D-Cubed: the latter is a part of a big vendor, Siemens PLM Systems, while LEDAS is independent. LEDAS technologies are completely available to any CAD vendor, because LEDAS does not produce its own CAD system and therefore does compete with its customers.

Along with recognition of Dr. Owen’s (founder of D-Cubed) remarkable contribution to the field of geometric constraint solving, Dmitry pointed out other pioneer researchers in this field and explained why there are just a few commercial geometric constraint solvers on the market. Dmitry presented LEDAS academic licensing program aimed at providing constraint solving technologies to universities for free and gave an example of the ongoing research at Purdue University (USA) in the field of CAD user interfaces based on LEDAS technology component LGS 2D.

Dmitry gave several examples of LEDAS customers who embedded technology components into custom CAD systems or exploit LEDAS mathematically-skilled team to develop proprietary key components. A new kind of collaboration for LEDAS was a joint project with Open Design Alliance, a non-profit consortium of over 2,000 software developers, aimed at integration of LGS 2D geometric constraint solver into their Teigha platform, to have the full compatibility with the DWG 2010 file format.

Dmitry also shared the vision of increasing use of 3D solvers as the engine for a new generation of direct modelers. As direct modelers become more popular, the question becomes how to keep design intent in a history-free environment. To answer the question, LEDAS is now developing its "variational direct modeling" (VDM) technology that is available for free evaluation as a plug-in for McNeel & Associates' Rhinoceros direct modeling software.

About upFront.eZine

Launched in 1995, the upFront.eZine e-newsletter is an independent source of weekly business news and opinion for the computer-aided design (CAD) industry. The newsletter is delivered every Tuesday morning by email to 810,000 readers in 70 countries. Ralph Grabowski is editor at upFront.eZine Publishing, Ltd. Ralph is the author of over 100 books and several hundred magazine articles about computer-aided design.

Read more: http://www.upfrontezine.com/20...

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17 May 2010

Call us toll-free at 1-877-LEDAS

We are happy to inform our North American visitors that now you can contact our business representative in USA by dialing 1-877-77-LEDAS (or 1-877-775-3327), a special toll-free number. Any your questions on LEDAS products and services will be answered from 9 AM till 6 PM EST (Mon-Fri). You can also send your questions by e-mail to usa@ledas.com.

Don't hesitate to know more about LEDAS offering for CAD/CAM/CAE software developers in North America!

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10 Nov 2009

upFront.eZine presented focused information on LEDAS group business

Two latest issues of weekly newsletter upFront.eZine contained focused description of software products, component technologies and services provided by LEDAS group to its customers.

The tour of Ralph Grabowski to Russia held in September 2009 resulted in a series of nine issues of the upFront.eZine newsletter. Two lates issues are about LEDAS group and its business divisions:

About upFront.eZine

Launched in 1995, the upFront.eZine e-newsletter is your prime independent source of weekly business news and opinion for the computer-aided design (CAD) industry. Join our 810,000 readers in 70 countries. This newsletter is delivered to your desktop every Tuesday morning by email -- free!

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06 Jul 2009

SketchUcation.com published an interview with Dmitry Ushakov about Driving Dimensions Plugin

“The Daily CatchUp” (a news subsite of well-known Google SketchUp portal SketchUcation.com) recently published an interview with Dmitry Ushakov, Director of Product Management at LEDAS, devoted to Driving Dimensions Plugin. Below we publish a preview of this interview.
Full text can be found at SketchUcation.com.

Spotlight: Dmitry Ushakov of Ledas’ Driving Dimensions

Dmitry Ushakov

Written by Coen Naninck, Jun 30, 2009

LEDAS Ltd., a Russian software development company, recently released a new version of Driving Dimensions plugin for Google SketchUp. We asked Dmitry Ushakov, Director of Product Management at LEDAS for an in-depth interview with “The Daily CatchUp” on their latest offering.

TDC: There is a new version of Driving Dimensions for SketchUp released last week, remind us what it does?

Dmitry: Our plug-in adds parametric functionality to Google SketchUp, making it similar to MCAD software packages. Moreover we have implemented it in a way that can be used even by beginners. You know that Google SketchUp users can add linear and radial dimensions to their models, and these dimensions are updated (recomputed) each time you make changes to your geometry. So your dimensions are driven by geometry. We provide the opposite possibility: let your dimensions drive your geometry. When you set a desired value for a driving dimension, your model is automatically updated to satisfy it. In addition, we did not limit ourselves by linear/radial dimensions and introduced angular dimensions. So with our plug-in you can change any length, distance, radius or angle in your model with just one click!

TDC: Your concept is simple, but most Google SketchUp users used to apply Scale or Tape measure tools for changing dimensions in their models, what is your added value except UI?

Dmitry: Indeed you can use some built-in SketchUp tools to set the desired length dimension for any edge. However, using these tools you can set not more than one dimension at a time. If you set other dimensions previously, they may be changed in an undesired way. In contrast, all driving dimensions set to your model are stored and applied simultaneously. Even if you change your model by moving or resizing some of its entities, you can use the Update Geometry command (available with the Driving Dimensions toolbar) to apply automatically all driving dimensions you set previously to your model. Finally, as I said before, the Driving Dimensions plug-in allows you to control not only the length, but also arbitrary distances, radii and angles in your model...

...to read the full-story please visit the SketchUcation.com

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