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29 May 2007

New release of LGS 3D, a three-dimensional geometric engine used for CAD/CAM/CAE parametrization.

The new 1.3 release is much more rapid than previous versions of LGS 3D. Due to efficient optimization of the core computational techniques, all user functions of LGS 3D like Update or Move Under Constraints are executed twice as fast being measured on a large industrial test base of more than three thousand cases. Enforced by a number of new heuristics LGS 3D 1.3 behavior is much more natural from user point of view. All these advantages coupled with affordable pricing make LGS 3D the best deal for CAD/CAM/CAE parameterization.

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17 Jan 2007

New release of LGS 3D, a powerful software engine used by CAD/CAM/CAE developers

The new 1.2 version is not just an update of LEDAS 3D geometric constraint managing software - it goes far beyond that. With more than 50% performance increase (when running on a reference test base of several thousand industrial scenarios) and functionality that matches and even outranges the industry standards, and with rather affordable pricing, LGS 3D is the choice for everyone who needs 3D geometric constraint functionality.

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16 Jan 2007

LEDAS become a member of Adobe® Solution Partner Program.

LEDAS become a member of Adobe® Solution Partner Program. Following the development of on-line solutions, based on Adobe technologies, Flash LGS in particular, LEDAS become an official member of Adobe® Solution Partner Program. This issue is directed to increase LEDAS activity on spreading it’s Adobe-technology based solutions and gives more opportunities to inform Adobe-world developers about details and success stories.

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07 Dec 2006

FlashLGS - an easy-to-use online demo application for parametric sketching based on LGS 2D

LEDAS Ltd. presents FlashLGS – an online technology demonstrator of LGS 2D computational engine for parametric design systems. The online demonstrator has simple intuitive user interface and provides an interactive access to functionality of LGS 2D solver, which is widely used in the development of two-dimensional drafting and sketching applications, vector graphics systems and geometric data exchange tools.

Flash LGS purpose is to show flexibility and affordability of LGS parametric computational engine in wide sense: from simplicity of solver incorporation into your applications and efficiency running them on wide range of hardware to LEDAS openness for collaboration with wide range of graphics software developers, product vendors, research and educational organizations.

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30 Nov 2006

LEDAS Ltd. has appointed three official representatives from USA, Belgium and Israel

Lyle Fisher (usa@ledas.com), Tomasz Luniewski (belgium@ledas.com), and Michael Belman (israel@ledas.com) represent LEDAS in USA, Belgium, and Israel correspondingly. Since then CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM/PLM and ERP software developers from these countries who are considering buying software components or services provided by LEDAS are encouraged to contact one of these representatives for individual assistance and information about their options.

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17 Oct 2006

LEDAS representatives took part in the PLM Forum organized by Dassault Systemes in Moscow

On 12th October 2006, Moscow held the third PLM Forum Russia which focused on the software products and solutions offered by Dassault Systemes in the filed of product lifecycle management in the context of PLM market development in Russia and the CIS.

Being a many-years partner of Dassault Systemes in the field of software development and education, LEDAS delegated its CEO David Levin and CTO Dmitry Ushakov to negotiate with top managers of Dassault Systemes Russia Corp. and partners of Dassault Systemes Ecosystem.

Detailed photo-report on the PLM Forum 2006 Russia can be found at isicad.ru.

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28 Sep 2006

Vladimir Malukh has been appointed as Director of PLM Sales and Services at LEDAS Ltd.

In this position Mr. Malukh is responsible for managing the sales of PLM products and services provided by LEDAS to its customers, including computational software components, engineering consulting, certified training, software development outsourcing. The appointment follows the new direction that LEDAS has recently chosen for its business aimed at providing consulting, outsourcing and training services in the field of PLM (including CAD, CAM, CAE, and PDM) and ERP.

Vladimir Malukh, Ph.D., has over 15 years experience in development and management positions in CAD/CAE and ERP companies. Prior to joining LEDAS Vladimir Malukh served as Technical Director at ProPro Group, Inc, a company founded by him and his colleagues.

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