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18 Jul 2006

LEDAS participated in two international forums organized by Dassault Systemes in Paris: CAA V5 DEVCON-2006 and Education Partner Program Meeting

In the framework of the development of LEDAS Ltd. as a Competence Center in Siberian Region our specialists have participated in two international forums which recently took place in Paris, France. During the first one Education Partners of Dassault Systemes got an exceptional opportunity to enhance their educational courses aimed at Dassault Systemes software. A set of methodic talks and interactive trainings were given. The second one, CAA V5 DEVCON, participated by more than 500 developers from around the world, was dedicated to development and integration of PLM solutions of Dassault Systemes. On this congress new important software products (for example, ENOVIA 3D Live and CATIA Systems) have been announced and the whole road-map of widening of the line of PLM solutions has been provided. The participation in these forums enforces the long-terms strategic cooperation of LEDAS Ltd. and Dassault Systemes in the areas of software development and educational services.

Read more: http://www.3ds.com/devcon/...

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30 Jun 2006

CAPVIDIA and LEDAS to cooperate in the market of science - intensive technologies and software development

CAPVIDIA, a Belgium-based product, service and technology provider in the area of CAD/CAM applications, CAE, simulation and multi-parameter optimization, and LEDAS Ltd. announce their plans to integrate and multiply their potentials in building, development and distribution of science-intensive technologies and software as well as in joint fulfillment of external contracts. This initiative has become possible due the growing interest of western companies in the Russian market and the interest of software and technology development companies in the area of specific technological niches such as core algorithms and their implementation in complex end-user software applications and firmware. The essential factor which brought the companies together is their closeness in the fields of competence and approach to the market. This enables strengthening of market positions by consolidating efforts in constraint programming, resource planning, data translation, simulation and computer vision. The broader market opportunities and partner networks of both companies will be used as a joint ground for further market expansion.

Read more: http://ledas.com/group/press_r...

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21 Jun 2006

LEDAS Ltd. becomes official sponsor of Sixth International Andrei Ershov Memorial Conference PERSPECTIVES OF SYSTEM INFORMATICS

Alexander Marchuk, the Chair of the Sixth International Andrei Ershov Memorial Conference "PERSPECTIVES OF SYSTEM INFORMATICSThe" today announced that LEDAS Ltd. is the new official sponsor of the conference. The conference will be held in 27-30 June 2006 in Akademgorodok (near Novosibirsk), Russia.

The conference is held to honour the 75th anniversary of academician Andrei Ershov (1931−1988) and his outstanding contributions towards advancing informatics. The first five conferences were held in 1991, 1996, 1999, 2001 and 2003, respectively, and proved to be significant international events.

"Andrei Ershov was essentially the first Soviet world acknowledged IT-specialist; moreover I believe he was the first Soviet real IT-professional, the scientist who founded and formed some important areas of the IT domain," - says David Levin, CEO of LEDAS Ltd. "The leaders of LEDAS had a lucky opportunity to work closely with Andrei Ershov, he influenced them by his outstanding scientific and technological ideas as well as by a human factor."

The aim of the conference is to provide a forum for the presentation and in-depth discussion of advanced research directions in computer science. For a developing science, it is important to work out consolidating ideas, concepts and models. Movement in this direction is another aim of the conference. Improvement of the contacts and exchange of ideas between researchers from the East and West are further goals.

Read more: http://www.iis.nsk.su/psi06/in...

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07 Jun 2006

Second international forum isicad-2006 «PLM+ERP: Informational Environment of Modern Enterprise» was organized by LEDAS

Second International Forum isicad-2006 «PLM+ERP: Informational Environment of Modern Enterprise» took place in Akademgorodok, Novosibirsk from 31 May to 2 June 2006. Isicad-2006 was organized by LEDAS and supported by SibCongress and Sib3. Autodesk stepped in as the general sponsor; other sponsors included SAP, Dassault Systemes, HP and Sun Microsystems. Informational sponsorship was offered by the CIMdata consulting company, TenLinks.Com, CNews.Ru and ERPNews.Ru Internet-publications, “CAD/CAM/CAE Observer” and “ÑÀD and Graphics” informational analytical magazines, the Open Systems publishing house, and the PCWeek magazine.

Isicad-2006 was attended by over than 300 delegates representing more than a hundred companies and organizations, including hardware and software developers of CAD/CAM/CAE, PLM and ERP products, system integrators, analysts and consultants, researchers, members of various educational institution, specialized media and, naturally, IT managers and end-users of the proposed solutions: representatives of 85 manufacturing enterprises constituted over than two thirds of the Forum participants.

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05 Jun 2006

LEDAS joins the Education Partners Program of Dassault Systemes and provides certified trainings for CATIA and SMARTEAM users

LEDAS and Dassault Systemes have signed a cooperation agreement in the area of education, which certifies that LEDAS has met all the requirements to become an Education Partner and is a recognized as a strategic distributor of official education materials.

There have been so far three Dassault Systemes Education Partners in Russia, all of them are in Moscow and in Saint-Petersburg. Now much more industries from Ural to Far East have got an opportunity to listen to the CATIA and SMARTEAM courses on site. The courses provided within the partnership are industry oriented and complete the list of already given courses for students of Novosibirsk State University.

Read more: http://www.ledas.com/group/pre...

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05 May 2006

New release of the LEDAS geometric solver LGS 2D, a software component for variational design in CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM systems

With the release of LGS 2D 1.5 the users of CAD/CAM/CAE applications based on it will have the capability of parameter optimization for geometric modeling that allows construction of the models with most the appropriate characteristics. An optimum for a specified by user goal variable can be found using new LGS 2D functionality. The optimal means minimal, maximal or most close to a predefined constant.

Another part of the new release is the significant improvement in product performance - LGS 2D 1.5 is more than twice as fast as LGS 2D 1.4 on a reference test base of several thousand industrial scenarios obtained from LEDAS customers.

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24 Apr 2006

LEDAS reduced the time and cost needed to integrate its variational constraint solver LGS 2D into parametric design applications

LEDAS has developed and released a universal LGS 2D Integration Module and Technology. The provided technology gives development teams the easiest way to implement parametric functionality in their systems, integrating LGS 2D with the modeling engine and application. The LGS 2D Integration Module contains the code common to all integrations and does not depend on the geometric engine, be it ACIS, Parasolid, Granite or a proprietary one. The library includes modeling of complex objects and the means for the management of objects from models as well as the means to transfer results back to the application. The code required to integrate LGS 2D into an application for parametric sketching is now about ten times shorter.

Read more: http://ledas.com/group/press_r...

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