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06 Apr 2006

ADEM Technologies integrates LEDAS LGS 3D component in ADEM 8.0

ADEM Assembly, the new subsystem of ADEM 8.0 for variative parametric assembling, is designed to work with large assemblies effectively. The CAD-environment of ADEM is to design individual details and assemblies. It is responsible for creating and managing both assembly units and the workpiece in whole. The basis for ADEM Assembly is the three-dimensional geometric constraint solver LGS 3D, developed by LEDAS. It has been designed to be an effective and affordable component for assembly and 3D drawing applications to combine complete functionality, competitive performance and superior intelligence in a three-dimensional engineering domain. LEDAS has worked with ADEM Technologies at integration of the solver and improvement of its performance since 2003. The LGS 3D was delivered to ADEM for industrial testing within the ADEM Assembly, while ADEM Technologies provided a set of industrial tests and a shell to support the testing process.

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17 Mar 2006

LEDAS launches new PLM/ERP services and updates its web-site after re-branding

Facing new market challenges, the LEDAS group extends its market activity in several new business directions nowadays focused on consulting and distribution. Taking into account the company’s capabilities to combine its skills in software development, integration, education, training, maintenance, system analysis, reselling etc, LEDAS positions itself as a leading competence center of PLM/ERP solutions in central Russia.
The trends of the LEDAS development are now reflected on its corporate website. The new layout features up-to-date sections about the company itself, in-house technologies, products and solutions as well as consulting and training.

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20 Feb 2006

LEDAS published a book on mathematical background of CAD/CAM/CAE

"Introduction to mathematical background of CAD/CAM/CAE", a book written by Dmitry Ushakov, the Chief Technology Officer at LEDAS Ltd. was published by LEDAS. It contains a short description of lectures organized by Common Informatics sub-faculty of IT department of Novosibirsk State University with the support of LEDAS Ltd. The hard-cover book contains 180 pages and includes 60 pictures. It can be be useful for CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM developers, scientists, engineers, and all people interested in modern tendencies of computer-aided industry.

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06 Jan 2006

A special issue of International Journal of Product Lifecycle Management (IJPLM) with proceedings of isiCAD-2004

International Journal of Product Lifecycle Management (IJPLM) is published in 4 issues per year by Inderscience Publishers Ltd. The IJPLM provides an authoritative source of information in the field of PLM, and is devoted to the development, promotion and coordination of the science and practice of the PLM field.
Its Special Issue on Towards Intelligent PLM Systems: Mathematical Methods, Technologies and Applications is based on lectures presented at the first international workshop "Constraint-based approaches and methods of mathematical modelling for intelligent PLM systems: from methods to applications" (isiCAD-2004) held in Novosibirsk, Russia in June 2004. The guest editors - professor Dominique Michelucchi (Université de Bourgogne, Dijon, France) and David Levin (LEDAS Ltd., Novosibirsk, Russia) - selected 6 papers for this special issue. Three of them were written by LEDAS analysts, scienticis and software engineers.

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01 Dec 2005

LEDAS announces today the first release of LEDAS Geometrical Solver 3D.

Ledas releases the first commercial version of its three-dimensional Geometric Solver LGS 3D, a software component for 3D parametric variational design used for development of modern CAD/CAM/CAE applications. It will be the forth available version in the family of the solvers developed on the basis of Ledas computational engine. The first LGS versions are LGS 2D Light, LGS 2D Extended and LGS 2D Advanced designed for two dimensional sketching, and new three dimensional Geometric Solver is a breakthrough in the line of the Ledas products and new opportunities for the Ledas' customers.

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27 Oct 2005

LEDAS delegation took part in the PLM Forum that was organized in Moscow by a recently founded DS Russia Corp.

A LEDAS delegation took part in the PLM Forum that was organized in Moscow by a recently founded DS Russia Corp. At the Forum DS, IBM, and their partners have characterized some key trends in the PLM domain, presented a DS strategy in the Russian market, considered experience of customers, demonstrated some new solutions and products. The Forum attracted about 600 attendees from Russia, CIS, and Baltic States. There worked an exhibition, a lot of interesting meetings and negotiations took place. Information about the Forum including its agenda can be found at the website.

See a small picture gallery made by the LEDAS attendees.

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24 Oct 2005

Francis Bernard, the President of Dassault Systemes Russia Corp., named LEDAS as an example of successful and mutually beneficial partnership for Dassault Systemes.

Francis Bernard, the founder and the first President of Dassault Systemes group, a world leader in 3D and PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) solutions, became the President of the newly named company Dassault Systemes Russia Corp., and gave an extensive interview to the CAD/CAM/CAE Observer International Analytic Magazine.

In this interview he said: "DS philosophy in Russia is that we do not only see potential customers, we consider globally the country with its full potential of partnership opportunities. As the example, we have a successful and mutually beneficial partnership with a company of Novosibirsk LEDAS Group, under the management of David Levin. This is a group of brilliant mathematicians and professionals, which on DS request performs Research and Development in geometrical problem solver for CATIA." Mr Bernard emphasizes that "our cooperation with the Russian company LEDAS in its very specific field does not have any exclusivity. Such a model of open cooperation is optimal to us, since every party is free to decide whether to continue the partnership or to leave."

Read full interview in English on the website of CAD/CAM/CAE Observer.

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