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Press releases

LEDAS Enhances Parametric Drawings with Updated 2D Geometric Constraint Solver
14 Dec 2009

LEDAS Improves Parametric Design in SketchUp
25 Nov 2009

LEDAS Ships Next Generation of 3D Geometric Constraint Solver
11 Nov 2009

LEDAS Adds Assemblies and Kinematics to Rhino
03 Nov 2009

LEDAS Geometric Constraint Solver LGS 3D Is Licensed By Joe Gibbs Racing
15 Sep 2009

Isicad and upFront.eZine Organized “The Future of MCAD” Roundtable
10 Sep 2009

LEDAS Improves Assembly Design and Kinematic Simulation in Rhino 3D and Announces History-Free Geometry Editing
19 Aug 2009

LEDAS Supports Research on Future CAD at Purdue University
10 Aug 2009

LEDAS Ports its Driving Dimensions plugin for Google SketchUp to Mac and Reports 10,000 Downloads of Windows Version
23 Jun 2009

ODA and LEDAS to Cooperate in the Development of Geometric and Dimensional Constraints in DWGdirect
15 Jun 2009

LEDAS Announces Beta Release of Driving Dimensions Plugin for Rhino
09 Jun 2009

LEDAS Announces Availability of its Variational Geometric Solver LGS for the Mac
09 Apr 2009

CD-adapco licenses LEDAS variational geometric solver LGS 2D
02 Apr 2009

LEDAS Celebrates its 10th Anniversary While Becoming Closer to CAD Users
01 Apr 2009

LEDAS Takes 3D History-Free Parametric Design to the Next Level by Releasing Driving Dimensions 1.0 Plugin for Google SketchUp
13 Mar 2009

LEDAS Opens Driving Dimensions Labs
10 Mar 2009

LEDAS Improves Variational Sketching Usability with Release 2.2 of its LGS 2D Geometric Solver
05 Mar 2009

LEDAS Helps CAD/CAM/CAE Developers Efficiently Model Large Assemblies with LGS 3D Geometric Solver Version 1.5
26 Feb 2009

Isicad.Net Questionnaire Reports Results and Trends of PLM World Leaders in Russian Market
18 Feb 2009

Driving Dimensions for Google SketchUp Public Beta Downloads Top 3,000 in Three Months
02 Feb 2009
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