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Press releases

LEDAS releases the fourth commercial version of its variational geometric solver LGS 3D.
29 May 2007

LEDAS enters CAM/CNC market in partnership with Tecnos G.A. Srl.
14 May 2007

LGS 3D 1.2: one more step towards affordable geometric parameterization
17 Jan 2007

LEDAS announces Flash-LGS - an on-line LGS geometric solver technology demonstrator.
07 Dec 2006

LEDAS appoints Vladimir Malukh as Director of PLM Sales and Services
28 Sep 2006

CAPVIDIA and LEDAS announce plans to cooperate in the market of science-intensive technologies and software development
18 Jul 2006

LEDAS announces success of isicad-2006 «PLM+ERP: Informational Environment of Modern Enterprise»
07 Jun 2006

LEDAS becomes the first Education Partner of Dassault Systemes in Ural and Siberia
05 Jun 2006

LEDAS releases the second commercial version 1.1 of its variational geometric solver LGS 3D
22 May 2006

LEDAS announces the release of LGS 2D 1.5 with new functionality for engineering optimization
05 May 2006

LEDAS releases a universal LGS 2D Integration Module
24 Apr 2006

ADEM Technologies releases its new integrated system, ADEM 8.0, with LEDAS geometric solver LGS 3D
06 Apr 2006

LEDAS re-branding reinforces the launch of new business directions
17 Mar 2006

Discover new business dimensions with LEDAS three-dimensional geometric solver LGS 3D
01 Dec 2005

LEDAS and FIT NSU announce a strategic educational training initiative for CAD/CAM/ CAE/PLM/ERP software development specialists
19 Oct 2005

New auto-constraining functionality in the version 1.4 of the LEDAS Geometric Solver LGS 2D
12 Oct 2005

LEDAS unprecedented sales campaign kicks off with Two-Dimensional Geometric Solver LGS 2D
13 Sep 2005

LEDAS announces isiCAD’2006 – Second International Forum for developers, distributors and customers of PLM and ERP solutions
07 Sep 2005

LEDAS Ltd. releases a new version 1.3 of its two-dimensional Geometrical Solver LGS 2D
15 Jul 2005

LEDAS opens the Early Access Program (EAP) for its new software, the scheduling solution called FreeTime
12 Jul 2005
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