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Products & solutions

LEDAS products could be categorized into four groups: geometric modeling, constraint solving, interval constraint technology, and scheduling.

Geometric Modeling

LEDAS Geometry Comparison (LGC) software deals with the problem of comparing 3D CAD models within a specified tolerance. This brand-new LEDAS solution pinpoints differences between similar 3D models, just as revision control systems do with text. Applications of LGC include interoperability in CAD/CAM/CAE software, comparing revisions in product data management systems, and automating quality assurance for any code that generates 3D models.

Constraint solving technology

In October, 2011 the intellectual property rights for the following LEDAS products has been acquired by Menhirs NV, the parent company of Bricsys NV. In the framework of this deal, LEDAS became an authorized reseller of its former products and in coordination with Bricsys is ready to provide various services on maintenance, integration as well as related software development. At the same time, the sold IP can be considered as an additional proof of the LEDAS team competence, experience, and ability to provide high level and unique software development service in the domain of science-intensive software engineering.

LGS 2D is a computational module (component technology) engineered to support two-dimensional parametric sketching/drawing in CAD/CAM/CAE and computer graphics systems, as well as any other application that requires parametric connections or constraints to be set between geometrical objects.

LGS 3D is a computational module (component technology) that solves geometric, dimensional and engineering constraints in context of 3D geometry modeling, assembly design, motion analysis, bioinformatics and other 3D applications.

RhinoWorks is a plug-in that brings constraint-based parametric design in Rhino and implements the concepts of bottom-up assembly design and variational direct modeling. A constraint specifies geometric and dimensional properties of one or more shapes. Applying constraints forces geometric bodies to change their shapes or/and position in 3D space. With RhinoWorks users obtain full parametric control of any model, including ones imported from other CAD systems.

Driving Dimensions is a plug-in for Google SketchUp that allows users to make parametric changes of any 3D model in very simple and intuitive way. With Driving Dimensions plug-in any dimension (length, distance, radius, angle) in any SketchUp model can be changed in just one click. All driving dimensions set in one model are satisfied simultaneously.

LGSConstraintsDemo is a simple Windows applications developed on top of Teigha.DWG platform to demonstrate the possibilities of LGSConstraints extension module (parametric drawing in AutoCAD manner).

Flash-LGS is a client-server demonstrator of LGS 2D computational engine for parametric drawing applications. The online demonstrator has simple intuitive user interface and provides interactive access to the LGS 2D solver functionality, which is widely used in the development of two-dimensional drafting and sketching applications, vector graphics systems and geometric data exchange tools.

Interval constraint technology

LEDAS Math Solver is aimed at solving satisfaction/optimization problems under constraints expressed by algebraic equations/inequalities (white-boxes), external functions (black-boxes), design tables, finite domain constraints, geometric and other domain-specific constraints. To efficiently deal with such problems, LEDAS Math Solver is built as an integration of constraint satisfaction/optimization methods, algorithms of numerical mathematics, efficient system architecture as well as a set of user and programmer tools.

LEDAS Collaborative Solver project was intended to provide collaboration possibilities to existing solutions for parametric design/manufacturing/planning and other PLM applications. LEDAS Collaborative Solver can deal with both point-based and interval-based parameter values. While the first are more common the latter give much more freedom in collaboration, leaving decision space open, preserving all possible solutions and saving design time by reducing number of roll-backs sprung from late detection inconsistencies rooted in earlier decisions.


LEDAS Scheduler is a competitive solution for resource scheduling and optimization. It includes the functions found in other scheduling systems, such as Microsoft Project and ILOG Scheduler, and has significant advantages compared to either of them. For complex optimization problems, LEDAS Scheduler uses high-performance algorithms to find suboptimal solutions, ensuring an acceptable trade-off between the required degree of optimization and computation time.

LEDAS Workforce Optimizer (LETOM) is a workforce optimization (WFO) solution and technology that supports automatic and interactive search for optimal and sub-optimal solutions; it can be used for manpower and workforce scheduling/planning, staff scheduling in call-centers, cashier allocation, nurse scheduling, crew rostering, aircraft assignment, and other applications and services. FreeTime is end-user software developed by LEDAS for computer-aided meeting planning. It is based on the client-server architecture that includes platform-independent web-based applications as well as native applications for mobile devices - cellular phones and personal digital assistants.

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