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C3D: A new affordable 3D kernel from ASCON

The C3D modeling kernel from ASCON is well suited for CAD (computer-aided design) applications, as well as for developing CAE (computer-aided engineering) software, using CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) to program CNC machines, and modeling PLM (product lifecycle management) engineering processes.

History of C3D

ASCON began development of its C3D geometric kernel in 1995; by 2000, the Russian developer released KOMPAS-3D v5.9, the first CAD software system based on C3D. Since then, ASCON has continuously updated the kernel to handle all aspects of CAD systems: 2D drawing and sketching, 3D hybrid and solid modeling, parametric constraints, and data translation. In 2012, the company launched C3D as an independent product for the CAD component market.

About C3D

The ASCON kernel is a complete solution. C3D combines everything necessary for the development of CAD applications, as follows:

  • C3D Modeler is the geometric module with functions for 3D solid and hybrid modeling, sketching, and 2D drawing
  • C3D Solver is the parametric constraints solver with functions for creating and solving parametric constraints on 2D and 3D geometry
  • C3D Converter is the translator module that reads and writes geometric models in all primary exchange formats

Integrating C3D

The potential users of C3D kernel are developers of CAD, CAM, and CAE systems and related applications who process 3D models and 2D graphics. Among them are large industrial companies who often create software for internal use. Third-party developers can use the ASCON kernel to extend functions and abilities, increase performance and reliability, quickly create 3D modelers based on existing 2D systems, and reduce cost of development of their products.

LEDAS is the only worldwide integrator and reseller of ASCON’s C3D kernel. Our team has outstanding experience in integrating C3D into different CAD applications, and our prices are equal those of ASCON. We are ready to provide software development and consulting services to all C3D customers.

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