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LEDAS Geometry Comparison


Interoperability in CAD/CAM/CAE

At every stage in the lifecycle of 3D models, they face modification in the following areas:
  • CAD users specify and modify the geometry of models as their primary task
  • CAM users change models to match the specifications and limitations of manufacturing tools
  • CAE users remove small features of models before converting them to polygonal meshes in order to optimize computations; both defeaturing and tessellation require accuracy control

Thanks to LGC, every actor in this design and production process knows what was changed by their associates.

Comparing Revisions in Product Data Management

“Revisions of models” is a basic concept in any PDM (product data management) system. Yet, at the same time many PDM systems are unable to provide users with information about the actual differences between revisions. LGC adds value to its PDM licensees by making it easy to compare revisions and pinpoint differences.

LGC is optimized for batch processing large numbers of files, and is especially fast in checking the identical geometries. Its parallel processing capability in the cloud makes it ideal for processing big data.

Automated Testing of 3D CAD Models

Automated testing is the best silver bullet against bugs, for ensuring quality assurance. It works well when the software produces text output, making it easy to check that the results hasn’t changed since the previous revision of the source code. But this becomes difficult when dealing with code that produces geometry, not text; how to compare geometric data easily?

As a geometry comparison engine, LGC solves the problem of automating any code that produces geometric data, such as geometric kernels, data converters, tessellation engines, and modeling libraries. Using it brings your quality assurance processes up to a new level.

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