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LEDAS Geometry Comparison

Why to choose LEDAS?

Software from LEDAS provides vendors and users three advantages: technology, speed, and price.


Designed by Luciano Frias

The technological advantages described above are the primary reasons why the LEDAS solution is better than that of other software firms.


Equally important, the LEDAS solution is really fast. The desktop version of LEDAS Geometry Comparison is many times faster than known competitors thanks to in-house algorithmic approach that does not use Boolean operations. LEDAS technology is natively parallel, and so the speedup of parallel version is 10-100 times faster than that of standalone version.


The specialized field of geometry comparison means that existing market solutions cost between $1,000 to $10,000 per installation, a price that is too high for many potential customers.

LEDAS breaks this price barrier by delivering component software at a price that makes entry possible for many more customers.

Summing up, the innovative LEDAS Geometry Comparison technology has the following advantages:
  • It uses stable and reliable technology, unlike resource-consuming software based on classic Boolean operations
  • It is many times faster thanks to its unique algorithms that are natively oriented to parallel computing
  • It provides results that are much more informative through a user-friendly GUI and API
  • It is available for the vendors as a component that could be licensed and integrated into any software
  • It is offered at a much lower price

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