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In October, 2011 the intellectual property rights for the flagship LEDAS products has been acquired by Menhirs NV, the parent company of Bricsys NV. In the framework of this deal, LEDAS became an authorized reseller of its former products and in coordination with Bricsys is ready to provide various services on maintenance, integration as well as related software development. At the same time, the sold IP can be considered as an additional proof of the LEDAS team competence, experience, and ability to provide high level and unique software development service in the domain of science-intensive software engineering.

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Flash-LGS :: Samples

Stroke engine

Flash LGS

This sketch shows kinematics of common stroke engine mechanism. By moving a piston (marked by circle) to appropriate position along axis you're force LGS-engine to calculate positions and angles for connecting-rod and crankshaft.

Landing gear

Sample shows kinematics of retractable ski-landing gear of prospective spacecraft, which lands on chutes.

Flash LGS
3D model of landing gear (blue box - gear niche)

Flash LGS

By moving ski platform to gear open, closed and intermediate position you force LGS to calculate the angle and length (i.e. stroke length) of hydro-cylinder.

Cube sketch

This example shows how sketch, initially drawn not quite precisely is converted to accurate shape by applying appropriate constrains to its elements.

Flash LGS

There are three entries in Flash-LGS samples list:

Cube-sketch - an initial drawing
Cube-sketch-constrains - drawing with constrains applied
Cube-sketch-complete - final drawing with complete solution


A sample shows construction of parameterized bicycle frame.

There are two samples, showing stages of design:

Bike-sketch - initial drawing

Flash LGS

Bike-constrains - all parameters set and solution is calculated.

Flash LGS

By changing some of constrains in the list you allowed to reconstruct complete wire-frame. For example - changing one of the wheels radius follows to changing radius of the second wheel too. Changing the angle or length of the main seat tube (in this particular sample set to 70) forces complete bike frame tubes rearrangement.

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