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In October, 2011 the intellectual property rights for the flagship LEDAS products has been acquired by Menhirs NV, the parent company of Bricsys NV. In the framework of this deal, LEDAS became an authorized reseller of its former products and in coordination with Bricsys is ready to provide various services on maintenance, integration as well as related software development. At the same time, the sold IP can be considered as an additional proof of the LEDAS team competence, experience, and ability to provide high level and unique software development service in the domain of science-intensive software engineering.

LGS Profiles

LGS Profiles is an add-on module for the LGS 2D constraint solver. LGS Profiles works with trimmed geometry, as well as constraints implied by such geometry. It supports segments and arcs (also known as edges), and open and closed contours.

LGS Profiles turns edges and contours into fully functioning objects so that they can be used in CAD models just like any other object. In addition, they can be linked to other geometry using appropriate constraints, such as coincident with a point, and tangent to a line. For example, when users place a coincident constraint between a point and a segment, then the point will always lie between the segment's endpoints. This is behavior that could not be straightforwardly modeled with unbounded geometry in LGS 2D.

With the help of two coincident constraints, an edge can be created between two points and one line, circle, or ellipse. The edge can be interpreted as new kind of geometric object, as well as a ternary constraint on existing objects. Each edge has a length attribute, whose value can be free, fixed, or linked to a variable; in addition, circular and elliptic arcs have an angle attribute with the same properties. The length and angle attributes can be used in equations of LGS 2D models just as any other variable or parameter.

Using the edge and contour objects provided by LGS Profiles, LGS-based applications now provide users with full parametric control over their drawings. This is otherwise unattainable in drawings containing geometry modeled with untrimmed objects, such as unbounded lines, full circles, and ellipses.

For most constraint scenarios, LGS Profiles produces natural solutions. The module implements special techniques that minimize changes to models and keep sketches as close to the initial drawing as possible.

It is planned that LGS Profiles module will be extended to handle additional types of trimmed geometry, such as composite curves and offset curves.

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