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Software Development Outsourcing Services

LEDAS provides development, consulting, and localization services in the domain of engineering software. We are focused primarily in the field of CAD, CAM, CAE, PDM, PLM but are not limited to it. Our main advantage is such competence, skills, and experience that enables us to succeed in the projects that require invention, design, and development of hard, science-intensive complicated, and high-performance algorithms and programs.

LEDAS unique capabilities are confirmed by the company’s success stories in providing software development services for multiple customers as well as in development of its original world-leading technological components for CAD/PLM.

LEDAS has thirteen years of experience in developing key software components for CAD, including projects it carried out for global leaders in the engineering software market. The projects included the development of an interval mathematical solver used in end-user tools for knowledge-based engineering; creating a geometric constraint solver and its application to parametric drafting, assembly design, animation, kinematics analysis, and direct modeling; establishing methods for converting polygonal meshes into subdivision surfaces, and the unfolding of 3D meshes on planes; calculating distances between 3D objects and performing real-time collision detection; developing feature-based CAD data translation; and inventing variational direct modeling.

Based on its experience of working with very demanding customers, LEDAS mastered and consistently uses well-established procedures for the maintenance of software projects and for interaction with customers.

Taking into account advanced requirements for the typical projects, capabilities of the team and quality of the software developed by LEDAS, we believe that the company provides unique combination of competence, reliability and cost.

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