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LEDAS Competence in Math & Computer Science

Our specialized team is experienced in several fields of industry, experience that is based on the team’s background in sophisticated mathematics. Our fields of expertise include the following:

Geometric Constraint Solvers

We have more than 100 man-years of experience in the development of 2D and 3D geometric constraint solvers. Our skills led to the creation of our LGS 2D and LGS 3D software products, which have become well-known in the market. We are ready to develop custom software for you in this area, and to apply all of our know-how to deliver efficient solutions.

Collision Detectors

From our project experience amounting to ten man-years, we understand that different applications require different types of data to be provided to the collision detection engine. We know how to produce this data. Collision detection can be quite time-consuming, but our experience in optimizing the underlying algorithms makes it possible to construct solutions that solve the problems created by today’s engineering challenges.

Motion Simulators

We have worked with most popular methods in the field of motion simulation – including constraint-based and impulse-based approaches – and so we are able to choose the method most appropriate to your need. Our knowledge in the closely related areas of constraint solving and collision detection makes our team truly capable of building state-of-the-art motion simulation software for you.

Direct Modelers

Variational direct modeling (VDM) is an example of composite technology – applications that use other technologies as building blocks. In the case of VDM, our powerful constraint solver is a prerequisite. We know how to recognize design intent, how to generate constraints, how to solve them, how to correctly update non-trivial BREP geometry, and so on. LEDAS sells its VDM software as plug-ins for the popular Google SketchUp and Rhinoceros 3D systems, and this shows that our team has the needed knowhow to handle all aspects of producing products as complex as VDM.

Interval Mathematics and Sub-definite Computations

Our employees have published over a hundred technical articles on the topics of solving constraints, constraint propagation, interval mathematics, and sub-definite computations. This academic aspect of LEDAS is underestimated by industry. Through it, we are able to develop in-house methods and algorithms that turn constraint propagation into efficient processes. On this theoretical basis, our experience in the technical environment makes algorithms practical in the fields like conceptual design, collaboration frameworks, and verification routines.

While we consider these areas as our core competence, we have accumulated significant knowledge and experience in discrete mathematics, numerical analysis, computational geometry, scheduling, and optimization.

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