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Software Development Outsourcing Services

Process of communication with customers

We understand that interactions between clients and contractors vary and can be unique. From our experience in software development outsourcing, we see three primary models of cooperation:

  • Hub operation (subsidiary-style)
  • Problem solving
  • Cost minimization

We have experience in working with all of these customer-cooperation models.

Hub Operations

The hub operation model is the best one for long-term development projects, for it builds a reliable team that operates external to your office. The advantages include of this model include the following:

  • Risk minimization
  • Team stability
  • Management flexibility
  • Full control and guaranteed quality

All are important goals of any respected business, and ones that your business can enjoy through the service provided by LEDAS. In our offices, we are able to organize a team of experts and developers that works for you. The team can be managed through our administrators, or managed directly by the customer. Communication is close and regular, and the current state of any project is fully controlled by customer.

Problem solving

The problem solving model is dedicated to a common challenge faced by growing software companies, who suddenly collide with technological situations they do not know how to resolve. In these cases, it makes sense to take advantage of the software development services provided by companies with knowledge of the technology. When the situations are related to CAD, CAM, CAE, PDM, PLM, or mathematics, then LEDAS is the best choice. In the problem solving model, communications betwåen customer and contractor is generous during the specification stage as well as later at the acceptance stage, but there is little need for communication in between.

Cost Ìinimization

Outsourcing of software development has an unfortunate association with the minimization of production costs. LEDAS does not compete with Indian and Chinese IT companies, because of their very low price of labor. Despite this, outsourcing of software development to LEDAS is still quite profitable for American, European, and many Asian companies needing high quality programming at reduced pricing. When you need to lower the cost of producing of engineering software, request our service, for we have the needed expertise and so the only issue is of price. With the cost minimization model, various levels of communication are available; usually, they involve some direct communication with developers. From our experience, the ideal communication style consists of the following:

  • Fairly regular communications to ensure that there is no misunderstanding between LEADS and the client
  • Not so frequent communications that it becomes a burden on developers

Naturally, customers should choose their preferred mode of communication. But we believe that optimizing the process through the use of best practices makes it possible to minimize overhead and reach a high level of efficiency.

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