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Software Development Outsourcing Services

Process of software development and project maintenance

Our many years of experience in technical software development include long-term cooperation deals with market leaders, and this has enabled us to work out a system of development and quality processes. These include the following ones:

  • Long-term roadmaps, with milestones
  • Multi-level testing of functions and coverage
  • Progress indicators
  • Project schedules
  • Role-based software development
  • Standards and styles of coding
  • Weekly and daily development cycles

Quality assurance is a never-ending process in every LEDAS project. QA uses many tools and methods, but the cornerstone of quality assurance is the testing infrastructure. At LEDAS, we automate as much of the software testing process as possible. For it to work well, we have established the following procedures:

  • Use of large, representative databases of test cases
  • Reliable validation routines to check correctness and measure efficiency
  • Nightly testing procedures to check for errors, and to measure progress of the daily work cycle

In addition, we employ tactics to improve the usefulness of the testing infrastructure. For example, uniform testing used throughout the code makes it possible for us to pinpoint defects and decrease your overall cost of support. We use multi-level structures of global test cases to decrease the effort we spend on debugging new functions. We have an efficient approach to quality assurance, attained by adopting world-renown best practices to achieve specific objectives in any particular area.

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