Tecnos G.A. Srl.

With over 30 years' experience in the electronic sector, Tecnos G.A. has contributed with innovative ideas to writing the history of machine automation. Our know-how and resources in PC application software vouch for our capability to develop machine management software based on Windows and other operating systems. Apart from the woodworking sector Tecnos G.A. today operates in many other sectors, continuing to design products based on the needs of both manufacturers and users. More precisely: Sheet metal working Marble working ceramic material working.Textile machines Flat glass cutting and many other solutions developed ad hoc.

A press-release “ LEDAS enters CAM/CNC market in partnership with Tecnos G.A. Srl. “ of May, 2007 announced: Tecnos has just released and is presenting the beta version of its Masterwork CAM application from 14 to 18 May at the LIGNA+ exhibition (www.ligna.de) at Deutsche Messe in Hannover, Germany. Masterwork (illustrated by the screen-shot below) integrates the LGS geometric constraints solver into a completely new project which is developed using OpenCASCADE as the basic geometry kernel. “The fact that LEDAS have already developed a sort of integrator is an advantage for us” – says Marco Dell'Eugenio, Tecnos project leading developer. Masterwork provides combination of 2D and 3D CAM functionality as well as multi-axis CNC code generation.