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Collaborative solver

This project of LEDAS is intended to provide collaboration possibilities to existing solutions for parametric design/manufacturing/planning and other PLM applications. Collaborative Solver is designed to be an interactive engine that connects the main PLM modules and allows intelligent collaboration between different actors in the product lifecycle, no matter what they use: CAD/CAM, Scheduling, or even accounting subsystems.

Collaborative design and more

Collaboration is a key to success in a broad range of business applications. In the PLM framewok almost all processes are distributed among the actors and almost never can be done by one single person. Since many of the PLM processes such as design, engineering, planning and others can be intellectually automated with means of constraints and in strong correspondence with iPLM strategy LEDAS presents its Collaborative Solver - unique engine for the constraints satisfaction and optimisation within collaborative distributed environments.

LEDAS collaborative solver is designed for applications where knoweledge about constraints is incomplete and where all the constraints can never be presented on one single machine, e.g. when some constraints contain user- coded (so callesd black-box) relations. The goal of LCS satisfy all the constraints applied, optimizing the target parameter and also number of unique requests to any system in collaborative network.

LEDAS Collaborative Solver can deal with both point-based and interval-based parameter values. While first are more common latter give much more freedom in collaboration, leaving desicision space open, preserving all possible solutions and saving desing time by reducing number of roll-backs sprung from late detection inconsistensies rooted in earlier decisions.

Planned functionality of LEDAS Collaborative Solver will include:

  • Constraint-based task definition with use of white-box and black-box relations,
  • Typed parameters definition,
  • Distribution of parameters within network to form true collabration based on the paramters common for number of collaboration participants,
  • Independence on network protocols and disciplines, call-based API with registration of collaboration network nodes,
  • Configurable topology of collaboration network with ability to define nodes that can perform computations and those can not,
  • Means for precise inconsistency indication
  • Power means for resolution of inconsistencies and restore of computational process.

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