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Scheduling engine

The LEDAS Company is releasing a new version 3.0 of its LEDAS Scheduler, confirming its leadership in the development of efficient problem-oriented solvers for constraint satisfaction problems.

Application areas for the LEDAS Scheduler 3.0 family include the following:

  • Scheduling and project management,
  • Decision making support systems,
  • Resource scheduling.

LEDAS Scheduler 3.0 is a competitive solution that includes the functions found in other scheduling systems, such as Microsoft Project and ILOG Scheduler, and has significant advantages compared to either of them.

The functionality of LEDAS Scheduler 3.0 allows solving almost arbitrary scheduling problems and offers rich expressive power to specify various constraints on jobs and resources.

The scheduler's architecture supports quick and easy integration into popular scheduling systems, such as Microsoft Project and Primavera Project Planner, in order to expand significantly the class of problems they can solve and to present the users of these systems with a familiar work environment.

A rich and extensible library of algorithms allows fine-tuning LEDAS Scheduler 3.0 to almost any domain related to scheduling. For problems without complex resource constraints, LEDAS Scheduler uses efficient algorithms that solve even large problems almost instantaneously. For complex optimization problems, LEDAS Scheduler 3.0 uses high-performance algorithms to find suboptimal solutions, ensuring an acceptable trade-off between the required degree of optimization and computation time.

The LEDAS Company is also developing proprietary applications based on LEDAS Scheduler 3.0, such as

  • A client-server system for automatic meeting scheduling, with support for mobile platforms,
  • A portable comprehensive project management system.

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