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  • 40+ person-years in developing 3D cloud solutions for BIM, CAD, and medicine
  • LEDAS Cloud Platform creates 3D cloud solutions with simultaneous editing in either private or public environments
  • Expertise implementing high performance 3D modeling operations both on the front- and back-end
  • Level of detail (LOD) technology for working with big 3D models, including BIM and civil infrastructure
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LCP: LEDAS Cloud Platform

LEDAS Cloud Platform is our own product that we developed to help companies to get their 3D modeling solutions to the production stage more quickly. The architecture of LCP is based on the deep expertise our team attained from developing cloud solutions. The server-side model representation, client-side UI, and business logic are implemented specifically for this new application.

Customer applications are not restricted to any specific discipline; they can be used for 3D medical software, as well as for BIM, CAD and other areas.

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Online 3D Modeling and Constraint Solving for AWV Informatik

A long-term development project with AWV Informatik lead the LEDAS team to developing a web front-end to the ClassCAD cloud software, their flagship product. Tessellation of 3D geometry using GPUs, 2D sketching, 3D part and assembly design, kinematics – these are just a few of the tasks our developers worked on. Javascript and WebGL were the core technologies on the client side, while server part was written in C++.

This client-server web solution was then empowered by geometric constraint solving. It was implemented with help of LEDAS Geometric Solver (LGS). Interestingly, LGS was the first topic of our early cooperation with AWV in 2007 year.

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BIM/AEC Solutions for the Cloud

Since 2014, LEDAS has been involved in several BIM/AEC projects aimed at visualizing and creating 3D BIM (building information modeling) models directly in Web browsers. One of the projects required that we develop a set of fully-functional BIM authoring tools with collaboration capabilities.

With the model located on back-end servers, it can be distributed among servers as sub-models with specified access rights for each user role. The client code running in the browser provides the UI (user interface), with direct communication with dedicated back-end servers. This approach locates all time-consuming operations, such as checking BIM models for collisions, on the server side to utilize its superior computing power.

Efficient LOD for Huge 3D Models in the Cloud

In some of our projects, we at LEDAS have been working with big sets of 3D data that need to be visualized and navigated through with a Web browser. Models of electric power plants, bridges, and large buildings can contain thousands and even millions of elements.

The main problem with visualization of these big industrial models in the 3D web environment is memory limitations in the browser. That is why we at LEDAS developed level-of-details technology for 3D web. It relies on wise priorities of visualization, techniques of visualization of duplicates, and efficient group rendering operations. You may find more details about LOD here.

Contact us to implement the LOD techniques in your 3d browser solution!

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