CAD/CAM Software Developers

The most important point in choosing the right software developers for your project is their qualification. And LEDAS has a very high qualified team of software engineers with excellent experience and background.

More than 10 of LEDAS team leads and developers have PhDs in Math, Computer Science, and Engineering. Most of us are MsC graduates of Novosibirsk State University, one of Top-3 Russian universities. We are glad to use the scientific potential of Akademgorodok, the home of 30+ research institutes, where several Nobel and Fields prize award winners have worked.

CAM software developers team

The experience of our team includes hundreds of person-years of development for leading Computer Aided Design companies starting from the big contract with Dassault Systemes in 2002.

All of our developers know the fundamentals of Computer Aided Design and have practice of usage of 2D and 3D geometric kernels and engines. Some of them specialize in more specific areas like constraint solving, 3D Medical Software, or Building Information Modeling. All of them have very good skills in developing desktop software, and part of the team is focused on development of 3D web applications.

3d software developers work here

Most of our developers prefer C++ because it allows them to produce high performance production code, and because many powerful third-party libraries in the CAD world are written in C++. The second most popular programming language in LEDAS is C#, followed by Javascript/Typescript and Python. We are used to developing cross-platform software, as well as Windows, Linux, and MacOS software.

Clear vision of priorities and comprehensive understanding of the current tasks on personal and team levels are crucial for everyday efficiency, so we use a lot of tools & practices for better communication inside a team and with a customer. Jira, Confluence, Phabricator provide good capabilities for communication between software engineers, and QA guys use the benefits of Jenkins, TeamCity, Selenium and Test Complete tools.

Our company supports sports activities like LEDAS own volleyball team, and corporative program for fitness training. We support group and individual English studies, sometimes in our office. LEDAS cinema club and book club, together with occasional quiz parties, give a good break between development cycles.

We are glad to own a big office in Academpark covering almost 1000 sq. meters, where we can work, talk, and relax with a cup of coffee.

Choose LEDAS as your software developer, and you will get a very experienced team capable of solving sophisticated geometric and engineering problems at a reasonable cost!