Building Information Modeling and Architecture, Engineering, Construction Projects

  • 30+ person-years of developing BIM/AEC software products
  • Support for reading and writing IFC files in desktop and browser solutions
  • Cloud-based 3D viewing and authoring applications for architecture, structure, and MEP
  • Model checking, regulation control, and collision detection
  • Architectural visualization
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Parametrization in Renga CAD

Renga CAD is an ambitious BIM/AEC project being developed by Renga Software. It is advancing quickly, rapidly offering more and more new functions for architectural and structural designers.

The LEDAS team was engaged by Renga to add breakthroughs in parameterization, in particular to add a system of user-defined parametric contours and two-dimensional sections. These allow designers to engineer many new kinds of parametric BIM objects, such as unique-looking columns, beams, and openings. Editing the parametric cross-sections is done with geometric constraints, an area in which we are world-renowned experts.

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3D BIM Visualization for Ingipro

Ingipro is a Russian developer in the areas of BIM/AEC and PDM/PLM (product data management and project lifecycle management). Ingipro's flagship product is an innovative Web-based BIM/AEC solution that collaborates by viewing, sharing, and checking documents and drawings in real-time.

LEDAS's involvement in the project was to read BIM models in IFC format and then to visualize them online in Web browsers, with a particular emphasis on high quality visualizations of buildings. The project was based on our LEDAS Cloud Platform, as it supports the IFC format, and was inspired by several Web-based projects we developed over the last several years. Our team substantially extended and improved IFC support specifically for the Ingipro project, including fast 3D viewing of BIM models in browsers, which we then developed further as a standalone TypeScript library.

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Geometric Search in Pilot-ICE

Pilot-ICE is software for data storage, management, and analysis. Its purpose is to organize the collaboration of construction, design, engineering, and working documents. It is compatible with any CAD system, as well as analysis and budget systems, and document, image, audio, and video files.

The LEDAS team was involved in a challenging project dedicated to search geometrically for typical joints in 2D AEC drawings. The user sketches what a joint to search for, and the software provides a list of likely joints, sorted according to similarity.

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BIM/AEC functionality in LEDAS Cloud Platform

One of the key features of LEDAS Cloud Platform is its support of viewing BIM/AEC models in IFC (industry foundation classes) format. After the file is read on a server, the IFC model is then tessellated and sent to the Web browser for 3D visualization.

The structure of IFC model is preserved and can be marked-up on the client, with assigned colors and descriptions. The technology was inspired by the many Web-based projects completed by LEDAS for customers in China, Switzerland, and the United States.

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