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C++ developer of geometric modeling algorithms

Vacancy Description

We need a C++ developer to work in a geometric modeling team that develops and implements algorithms for modeling 3D solids in boundary representation (B-Rep), as well as the other algorithms of computational geometry.

We invite candidates of all levels: from students to the most experienced developers. Strong skills in math are a must.

For beginners, participation in the project will be a great opportunity to learn how the mathematics of CAD applications works. For experienced developers, participation in the project will be a serious challenge: the developed software should combine high quality and performance, optimal memory consumption and be cross-platform. In addition, the code should be clean and run a test base of several thousand scenarios without failure.


  • Good knowledge and understanding of mathematics: analytical geometry, graph algorithms, numerical methods, and mathematical analysis;
  • C/C++ skills;
  • Understanding and practical knowledge of OOP principles;
  • Graduate and undergraduate students in technical disciplines are also welcome.

The following skills will be a plus

Proficiency with the following technologies:

  • MS Visual Studio / GCC / CMake;
  • Svn / Git / JIRA / Phabricator / Jenkins / TeamCity / Nunit / TestComplete / TestLink;
  • C# / Python / JavaScript / TypeScript;
  • OpenGL / DirectX / WebGL / three.js;
  • Qt / WPF / WCF;
  • Hands-on expertise in programming microcontrollers / CNC machines;
  • Working experience with CAD applications;
  • English language skills.

Send your resume to job@ledas.com