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TypeScript/JavaScript developer of cloud-based 3D-modeling system

Vacancy Description

We need a TypeScript / JavaScript programmer to join a team that develops a cloud-based client-server system for modeling 3D solids and working with them using computational geometry algorithms. The server side of the application is developed in C++ using geometric modeling libraries, and the client side is developed in TypeScript/JavaScript using WebGL and three.js.

You are expected to understand the geometric algorithms that you will have to work with. You will also be responsible for implementing the calls to the geometric algorithms in the C++ server-side code.

We invite candidates of all levels: from students to the most experienced developers. Strong skills in math are a must.

For beginners, participation in the project will be a great opportunity to learn how the mathematics of CAD applications works. For experienced developers, participation in the project will be a serious challenge: the developed software should combine high quality and performance, optimal memory consumption and be cross-platform. In addition, the code should be clean and run a test base of several thousand scenarios without failure.


  • BSc or MSc in technical field; graduate and undergraduate students are also welcome;
  • TypeScript/JavaScript and three.js skills;
  • Basic C++ programming skills;
  • Understanding and practical knowledge of OOP principles;
  • Good knowledge and understanding of mathematics, including analytical geometry, graph algorithms, numerical methods, and mathematical analysis.

The following skills will be a plus

Proficiency with the following technologies:

  • C++ / C# / Python;
  • MS Visual Studio / GCC / CMake;
  • SVN / Git / JIRA / Phabricator / Jenkins / TeamCity / Nunit / TestComplete / TestLink;
  • OpenGL / DirectX / WebGL;
  • Qt / WPF / WCF;
  • Expertise in programming microcontrollers/CNC machines;
  • Experience with CAD tools;
  • English language skills.

Send your resume to job@ledas.com