Open Design Alliance (ODA)

The Open Design Alliance is a non-profit consortium of over 2,000 software developers and users committed to promoting open, industry-standard formats for the exchange of CAD data and CAD legacy data. The ODA technology platform provides users with the tools to create a wide range of applications, including custom data access and editing utilities, visualization tools, and even full-scale CAD systems. The platform also supports the use of both DWG and DGN files, with import and export capabilities to other file formats. The Open Design Alliance maintains the OpenDWG® library and publishes the OpenDWG file specification.

Cooperation between ODA and LEDAS started in the ancient Dutch city of Leyden where in April 26-29, 2009 was held a conference of Open Design Alliance. This was in all details described by Dmitry Ushakov in his article “The prodigal son of Autodesk“. The result of this contact was announced a year after that conference in the following press-release “ODA and LEDAS Implement Parametric Drawing Tools Compatible with the DWG 2010 file format”.

The Open Design Alliance (ODA) and LEDAS announce the integration of version 3.0 of the LEDAS LGS 2D geometric constraint solver through the ongoing cooperation between the two organizations. Version 3.0 of the LGS 2D geometric constraint solver is an upgrade of the initial integration with the ODA platform implemented in 2009 when the cooperation between the ODA and LEDAS began. Since last year, the constraint solver has been a component available to ODA members who require constraint support for their applications. Implementation of the constraint system, jointly developed by ODA and LEDAS, is fully compatible with the DWG 2010 file format.

ODA members who have a license for the LEDAS LGS 2D geometric constraint solver can integrate the new 3.0 version easily to provide the enhanced support for parametric and constraint drawing to their applications.