The LEDAS Company advances its technologies for resource scheduling.

The LEDAS Company advances its technologies for resource scheduling. We have recently received a lot of signals that indicate growing market demand for powerful scheduling technologies. Our new R&D direction aims at extending the area of application of the LEDAS scheduling technology beyond the PLM scope. In partnership with Xored, Sib3, and some other companies, we plan to create an end-user office tool similar to Microsoft Office Project.

Based on our existing scheduling technology enriched with the new efficient algorithms specific for typical large-scale project schedules, this tool will propose to users the advanced optimization facilities.

Within the same direction of our R&D, another office application – a so-called meeting maker – will be built. Exploiting the same LEDAS scheduling technology complemented by the client-server architecture, this application will allow users to automatically plan their meetings using almost any kind of interfaces from a client side including mobile devices like PDA and cellular phones, notebooks and personal computers, and also any other device via special web-based user interface. The server part will be available for rent (using our own hardware) and purchase (to be installed on the customer hardware).

These applications, new for our traditional PLM-oriented technology, will also enable us to propose new advanced means to support efficient scheduling procedures for the PLM domain.