published an interview with Dmitry Ushakov about Driving Dimensions Plugin

“The Daily CatchUp” (a news subsite of well-known Google SketchUp portal recently published an interview with Dmitry Ushakov, Director of Product Management at LEDAS, devoted to Driving Dimensions Plugin. Below we publish a preview of this interview.
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Spotlight: Dmitry Ushakov of Ledas’ Driving Dimensions

Written by Coen Naninck, Jun 30, 2009

LEDAS Ltd., a Russian software development company, recently released a new version of Driving Dimensions plugin for Google SketchUp. We asked Dmitry Ushakov, Director of Product Management at LEDAS for an in-depth interview with “The Daily CatchUp” on their latest offering.

TDC: There is a new version of Driving Dimensions for SketchUp released last week, remind us what it does?

Dmitry: Our plug-in adds parametric functionality to Google SketchUp, making it similar to MCAD software packages. Moreover we have implemented it in a way that can be used even by beginners. You know that Google SketchUp users can add linear and radial dimensions to their models, and these dimensions are updated (recomputed) each time you make changes to your geometry. So your dimensions are driven by geometry. We provide the opposite possibility: let your dimensions drive your geometry. When you set a desired value for a driving dimension, your model is automatically updated to satisfy it. In addition, we did not limit ourselves by linear/radial dimensions and introduced angular dimensions. So with our plug-in you can change any length, distance, radius or angle in your model with just one click!

TDC: Your concept is simple, but most Google SketchUp users used to apply Scale or Tape measure tools for changing dimensions in their models, what is your added value except UI?

Dmitry: Indeed you can use some built-in SketchUp tools to set the desired length dimension for any edge. However, using these tools you can set not more than one dimension at a time. If you set other dimensions previously, they may be changed in an undesired way. In contrast, all driving dimensions set to your model are stored and applied simultaneously. Even if you change your model by moving or resizing some of its entities, you can use the Update Geometry command (available with the Driving Dimensions toolbar) to apply automatically all driving dimensions you set previously to your model. Finally, as I said before, the Driving Dimensions plug-in allows you to control not only the length, but also arbitrary distances, radii and angles in your model... read the full-story please visit the