LEDAS made Constraints Demo Application available for all ODA members

The Open Design Alliance (ODA), a non-profit consortium of over 2,000 software developers and users committed to promoting open, industry-standard formats for the exchange of CAD data and CAD legacy data, works with third party component vendors to deliver direct access to a variety of additional features to members.

The list of third party components available to ODA members (ACIS from Spatial, HOOPS from TechSoft3D, Adobe-Based PDF) has been extended with the Constraints Support from LEDAS.

All ODA members can now integrate the LEDAS LGS 2D geometric constraint solver with a Teigha for .dwg files client application to provide easy access to constraint solving functionality.

A sample application demonstrating a number of constraint-related features can be found on the ODA web site. The demo implements the following functions:

  • Load a drawing file containing constraints, and render the drawing.
  • Add constraints to a drawing file.
  • Move geometry on the screen, when the mouse is released all geometry is updated per the constraints contained in the drawing.
  • Edit distance or angle parameters, causing constrained geometry to be updated automatically.

More information about the LGS 2D solver can be found at www.ledas.com/products/lgs2d. Inquiries about the Teigha-LGS 2D integration module can be sent to info@ledas.com.