DEXMA: September release and upcoming plans

DEXMA team is glad to announce a release of its new September version. So what`s new ?

1) Key point of the release is Open Project functionality. Why we did that ?

The idea came from crowdsourcing that is trendy these days. Open Project allows you to make your project visible for everyone. Moreover, everyone interested can join in your project, bring ideas and commit with actions - make designs for your products and its components. You can select the ones that fit best your product vision. It is up-to-date approach to use “crowd mind” to make better products as more innovative companies are taking this path (learn from this real examples, Fiat Mio and Local Motors).

2) The next point – we developed approach on how to avoid file collisions when working collaboratively. As we do not have checkin/checkout (when files are locked) in DEXMA from now you will be notified when grabbing a file into work when someone else is making modifications. So it is up to you to continue working with the file or communicate with the colleague on how to progress further work on it.

3) We make available workplan template cloning (or part of it) for future (upcoming) projects.

4) Contractors now can access only the project they were invited to and does not have access to corporate archieve.

5) We have done improvements to scheduling module in manufacturing management – now you are able to monitor all manufacturing and logistics processes.

6) We have improved system productivity by 8-9 times. Now assemblies with thousands of components are processed faster in DEXMA and viewing of complex assemblies can be done in seconds not in minutes.

7) You can login into DEXMA using your Google account.

Our upcoming plans for next releases:
1) Integration with Fidesys (CAE system) and Geometric Comparison (service for comparing 3D models) by LEDAS Labs.

2) Partnering with 3D printing service companies.

3) Filling and enriching parts catalogs with more parts

If you have bright ideas how to make DEXMA better serving your need – email us to