LEDAS Develops Lightweight Nesting Module

Genetic algorithms optimize placement of parts on sheet metal

LEDAS announced today that it develops a lightweight nesting module. Nesting optimizes the locations and positions of parts on sheet metal, before they are cut.

LEDAS Nesting

LEDAS expanded its expertise in the area of nesting, and so developed a lightweight module based on genetic algorithms and optimization methods. This toolkit works with standard rectangular sheets, as well as sheets of arbitrary shapes, including circular ones and leftover pieces. In addition to being used in typical applications, such as cutting with water jets and lasers, it can be used in other areas, including 3D printing.

The optimal nesting of parts on sheets is very important for the efficient use of materials to lower costs, and some of the company's CAM clients asked for a nesting solution. The new nesting module is an affordable option for companies that would like to keep costs low. This code could be the best value for money for small and medium businesses.

The nesting module is one of several LEDAS projects being developed for CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) customers. Some are related to the processing of sheet materials, including sheet metal and composites. LEDAS also has experience with third-party libraries for nesting, which the company formerly integrated into customer's code and fine-tuned for better results.

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