International Women's Day at a climbing wall

New interesting experience and a great time

Ilya Lichman

Designing and implementing mathematical algorithms for CAD/CAE/CAM has a lot in common with climbing a steep cliff. In both cases, we have to overcome obstacles and ourselves, find non-trivial solutions and hidden reserves. There is also a lot of fun in both of these very different actions.

Given this circumstance, we decided to celebrate International Women's Day at the climbing wall. The employees and their families got a new or expanded their existing climbing experience.

Interestingly, it's not as easy as it looks from the outside. However, this applies to almost any activity. After all, it is only when we start doing something that we realize why a colleague just couldn't "simply lift his leg and pull himself up on that ledge," as everyone advised him.

As you might expect, children climb much more confidently than adults. And we believe that one day they will implement interesting new mathematical algorithms better than we do now.

A big part of our development team and their families were charged with positive emotions. And soon we plan to get together on a warm beach to relax after a long winter, and also to celebrate the birthday of LEDAS.