Isicad and upFront.eZine Organized “The Future of MCAD” Roundtable

Talking about the future of MCAD: which trends hold a place for our future? The nature and problems of the Russian MCAD market

Moscow, Russia, September 10, 2009 – Isicad, the first ever Web portal about the Russian Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) market, and upFront.eZine, weekly e-newsletter for all CAD users, today announced the successful conclusion of “The Future of MCAD” roundtable held in Moscow on September 8, 2009.

The roundtable was a part of Ralph Grabowski's visit to Russia. Mr Grabowski is a well-known Canadian expert on CAD, journalist and editor of the popular CAD publication upFront.eZine. He is traveling through Russia and visiting CAD software firms in St Petersburg, Moscow, and Novosibirsk. Mr Grabowski's aim is to gain insight into the Russian CAD market, describe its current state, and understand its future prospects.

The half-day roundtable took place on September 8, 2009 in Moscow at Sheraton Palace Hotel. Its 40 attendees represented all major CAD vendors operating in Russia: ASCON, Autodesk, Dassault Systemes, LEDAS, Nanosoft, NTP Truboprovod, POINT, PTC, PTS, SibCAD soft, Siemens PLM Software, Spatial, Top Systems. Reporters from CADpoint, CRN, DMK-Press, PC Week, SAPR I grafika also attended the event.

The roundtable began with Ralph Grabowski presenting a “Review of Today’s MCAD Market: Competitors, Classification, Sales Models, and Niches,” followed by discussion, and concluded with a press conference-style question and answer session. Participants discussed trends in MCAD software and hardware, international and national markets, and MCAD journalism.

Vladimir Malukh, Director of PLM Sales and Services, LEDAS Ltd., and co-moderator of the roundtable, explained: “Isicad organized several multivendor CAD/PLM forums in Russia, but this was the first time we met without users. It was very helpful for each of us to share the vision of the future of our industry and to recognize the current problems we have to solve together.”

“Russia has its own standards, which differ from DIN and ISO,” said Ralph Grabowski. “It has a strong set of home-grown CAD vendors eager to expand to the rest of the world facing CAD vendors from The West. The problems are fascinating; it will be even more fascinating to watch them being solved.”

The text of Mr Grabowski speech and photos of the roundtable can be found at

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