Cyon Research announces COFES Russia Seminar in partnership with LEDAS

Cyon Research Corporation announced that its first COFES Russia Seminar will be held September 14, 2010 in Moscow, Russia. The event will bring together the community of engineering software vendors, developers, resellers, analysts, and users for private and public discussion in a relaxed and informal—but intense—atmosphere. The COFES Russia Seminar will be a part of isicad-2010 forum organized by LEDAS Ltd. and

COFES has historically focused on creating an environment where the strength of our community takes precedence over our individual needs to sell, and where c-level executives can openly discuss the important issues facing business today. COFES Russia Seminar will bring together senior executives from firms in manufacturing, construction, and design to discuss innovation in the face of the current economic situation both globally and within Russia and the CIS.

Isicad, the biennial forum organized by LEDAS Ltd., is a recognizable brand for the Russian IT-community. Isicad-2010 is the fourth event in the line and will take place in Moscow in September 14, 2010 under the theme "CAD and PLM as tools of innovative economics".

"Partnership with Cyon Research for the COFES Russia Seminar gives us a unique opportunity to take advantage of Cyon Research’s outstanding research and apply it to the Russian CAD/PLM market as a part and tool of an innovative economy," explained David Levin, CEO and founder, LEDAS Ltd. "I expect participation of many leading companies, including Autodesk, Dassault Systemes, and ASCON who have already become partners of our Moscow events."

Alexander Tasev, Regional Sales Director, Autodesk Russia and CIS, said: "Autodesk is known as an active participant and sponsor of COFES conferences in Arizona, USA. The COFES events remarkably contribute to the determining and refinement of the priorities and direction of CAD technology, industry, and business. I believe that closer contacts of COFES - Cyon Research and the Russian market with its huge potential will be very useful for all involved participants."

Cyon Research welcomes all top managers and experts from leading providers in the fields of BIM/CAD/CAE/DP/PLM, top managers from Russia manufacturing, construction and industrial organizations, in addition to analysts, media, and representatives from academia and government.

The COFES Russia Seminar is an invitation-only event. For more information on the forum, and how to obtain an invitation, please visit (English) and (Russian).

Cyon Research has been bringing the unique vision of COFES to a select group of international venues where the event can trigger a leap forward for the industry. This COFES Russia Seminar follows in the footsteps of the annual COFES events, held since 1999 in Scottsdale, Arizona; the 2006 COFES India Summit; and is a precursor to the December 2010 COFES Israel Forum


COFES is recognized around the world as the one place where leading thinkers and practitioners from the community of users and vendors of software for design and engineering (BIM/CAD/CAE/DP/PLM/PM/PPM, etc.) can interact in a intellectually vigorous conversations, without their sales and marketing hats on.

About Cyon Research

COFES is an annual event owned by Cyon Research Corporation, a think-tank consulting group focusing on strategic issues of the software industry for design and engineering. The COFES Russia Seminar is being presented jointly by Cyon Research and LEDAS.

About isicad

Since 2004, international biennial isicad forums owned by LEDAS Ltd. are held to exchange experience between solution providers, markets analysts, researchers and the users.


Russian-based LEDAS Ltd. is the leading vendor-independent provider of 2D and 3D variational design tools, component technologies, and software development services for the CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM market.

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