LEDAS announces the release of LGS 2D 1.5 with new functionality for engineering optimization

LEDAS Ltd., a leading provider of constraint-based technologies and software components for PLM, announces new engineering functionality with the release of LGS 2D 1.5, its geometric constraint solver for variational design and sketching.

With the release of LGS 2D 1.5 the users of CAD/CAM/CAE applications based on it will have the capability of parameter optimization for geometric modeling that allows construction of the models with most the appropriate characteristics. An optimum for a specified by user goal variable can be found using new LGS 2D functionality. The optimal means minimal, maximal or most close to a predefined constant.

Driven by feedback from customers, LGS 2D is now not only able to resolve geometric models but can also optimize the critical parameters of these models. The possibility of optimization of a goal variable presented in the model has a very broad range of applications because of the supporting engineering equations that make it possible to express any goal function dependent on any variables and parameters of geometric objects and constraints. Complex problems of minimization of an area or a perimeter of a figure with predefined properties can be easily formulated and solved with the help of LGS 2D.

Another part of the new release is the significant improvement in product performance - LGS 2D 1.5 is more than twice as fast as LGS 2D 1.4 on a reference test base of several thousand industrial scenarios obtained from LEDAS customers.

Besides that, the naturalness of dynamic moves under constraints was improved as well as output transformations for moved objects being provided in order to simplify the integration of LGS 2D 1.5 with different geometric modeling engines. It is worth to remind that the universal LGS 2D Integration Module has been released on April 24th, 2006 (http://ledas.com/group/press_releases?press_num=25). The Module is based on the competence of LEDAS in the development of constraint-based technologies and PLM components. So now the CAD and 3D-modeling development companies may build-in the LEDAS Geometric Solver LGS 2D and disregard the engine currently used. The provided technology gives development teams the easiest way to implement parametric functionality in the system, integrating LGS 2D with the modeling engine and application. The integration Module is available for free downloading during Early Access Program (EAP) (http://www.ledas.com/eap/). The information about the Integration Module and EAP conditions can be found in EAP Section as well.

All LEDAS customers get LGS 2D version updates free of charge within their current License Agreements. The interested in LGS 2D constraint solver companies may request the evaluation package for internal testing and to check the feasibility of LGS 2D use in their company from Sales and Marketing Department: sales@ledas.com.

About LGS 2D

The 2D LEDAS Geometric Solver LGS 2D is a software component intended to support variational parametric design in CAD/CAM, computer graphics and virtual reality systems. LGS 2D is a C++ class library that runs on Windows 2000 and XP, Linux, FreeBSD and AIX platforms. It can be integrated (via its API written in C) into any kind of software application. A sample test application for LGS 2D called Lege'n'd is available for free download at the LEDAS website. It was created with the Open CASCADE open-source framework. The application reflects all the new functionality and features of LGS 2D.

About LGS 2D Integration Module

The integration library uses routines and objects from the interface library to access model engine data. The code of the interface library is written by an application developer but instead of writing an original form himself, he only needs to fill in routine templates produced by the generator. The semantics of the routine are fixed and well-documented. The actions of the generator are executed through a comprehensive wizard that helps to establish parameters like usage discipline of objects from the modeling engine, the version of LGS and even the possibility of test application generation.


LEDAS Ltd. is an independent software company founded in 1999 and is based in Novosibirsk, Russia. LEDAS is leading in constraint-based technologies and is well-known as a provider of PLM components: geometric constraint solvers for CAD/CAM/CAE, optimization engines for Project Management, Work Scheduling and Meeting Planning interval technologies for Knowledge-Based Engineering and Collaborative Design. The company also provides services for PLM and ERP markets: software development, consulting, reselling and education. Information on LEDAS is available on the Internet at: www.ledas.com.

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