LEDAS Reports Largest 2023 Sales in EU, with Biggest Sectors in 3D Engines, BIM

January 31, 2024 – LEDAS, a leading provider of R&D (research and development) services in engineering software and Industry 4.0, today reported its 2023 revenues.

In a surprise switch, the European Union became the company’s top-grossing region, with 41% of worldwide sales. This is a break from the past, where demand from USA and China overtook the EU in the mid 2010s. The EU had been the traditional leader in long-term contracts from the very beginning of the company’s founding in 1999. Last year, North America provided 36% of LEDAS income. Worldwide sales grew by 5.5% over 2022.

ЛЕДАС в 2023 году

The most profitable sectors for LEDAS are development of 3D engines (29% of revenues) and at 24% BIM (building information modeling) systems. They were followed by digital medicine (22%) and CAD/CAM (computer-aided design/manufacturing) at 19%.

LEDAS Sales by Industry, 2023 year

3D Engines and BIM Systems

From the very beginning, LEDAS has focused on high-tech software development and research on new mathematical methods and algorithms. This emphasis explains the especially good progress the company has made in developing 3D engine technologies. These computational libraries, such as 3D kernels and geometric solvers, form the building blocks of all contemporary industrial software. Today, state-of-the-art 3D and 2D components developed by LEDAS are used by thousands of engineers worldwide.

The biggest software project currently underway at LEDAS involves a large-scale BIM system aimed at new construction projects and reconstruction of existing buildings. LEDAS contributes not only to the project’s implementation, but also to product definition and management, thanks to the company’s programmers previous experience in BIM development.

New Projects for 2023

LEDAS began several new projects in 2023, one being the first domestic contract landed by its new office in Israel. This digital healthcare project is a hardware and software project providing automated treatment processes designed to significantly decrease the time and effort need by doctors and medical personnel in providing more efficient treatment in emerging markets.

Another new 2023 project is a 3D web system for medical treatment implemented on our LEDAS Cloud Platform.

The most important new project may well be a new programming environment for industrial control systems. ICS is a natural part of the domain of engineering software, and so this project allows programmers at LEDAS to build on their expertise in this area.

Also in 2023 we provided a license of our LGC (LEDAS Geometry Comparison) software to a leading CAD/PDM vendor for use in its flagship PDM (project data management) product, which establishes a new application of LGC’s capabilities.

LEDAS 25th Anniversary

LEDAS has been operating in the global CAD market since April, 1999, and so during 2024 it will celebrate its 25th anniversary. The company continues on its path in fulfilling and delivering ambitious R&D projects in engineering software to its customers!