Our Autumn Update

Alexey Ershov

Hi there! Let me report to you our recent activities, from late summer to mid-autumn. We have been busy!

It was in August that we launched a new project in the area of digital medicine. It is somewhat different from our usual work in digital healthcare in that it combines software with hardware development. It is the innovative hardware part to which we are paying a lot of attention. Although I cannot reveal the name of the client, I can tell you that we are working on a start-up project initiated by a team already established as successful entrepreneurs in Industry 4.0.

September was the month in which we organized a week-long series of technical meetings in Italy. Together with one of our biggest customers, we discussed their ambitious new project in the area of AEC/BIM (architecture/building information modeling). Italy, with its beautiful forms of ancient and modern architecture, has a deep, millennial-old tradition of exciting styles of building construction, which themselves are pieces of art. So it should come as no surprise that Italian architects demand the cutting edge of BIM software to help them design new buildings and renovate old ones. LEDAS has significant expertise in developing BIM software, both as cloud and desktop solutions, along with the ability to visualize and edit huge models. In this project, we will contribute towards software engineering, the design of UI/UX (user interface/experience), and product management.

Technical meetings in Italy

In October, we successfully completed pre-sales and signed a licensing agreement with a leading CAD/PDM vendor. We will publish more details soon about the sale of our LEDAS Geometry Comparison component.

LEDAS Geometry Comparison

This month we launched talks with a potential client for a project in an area that is rather new to us: programming industrial control systems.

On top of landing these new assignments, we have been moving ahead with our current projects. Let me tell you about some of them:

  • The number of our developers contributing to the implementation of geometric constraint solvers, both 2D and 3D, has risen to a new high, exceeding the time we spent on developing our LGS solver.
  • For one of our digital medicine projects, we developed a custom AI-based solution for segmenting 3D scans of human skulls.
  • We enriched the inverse kinematics solver needed for our CAM projects through new mathematical methods, including analytical ones.
  • We keep building expertise into point cloud algorithms, which are important to two of our projects. So that they better represent real-life objects, we added technologies to handle levels-of-detail and conversion of point clouds to polygonal meshes.

Last, but definitely not least: in the local volleyball championship game between non-professional teams, LEDAS won the first place trophy – for the third time. This is a long way from our first competition 15 years ago, when we landed in last place. Hooray!

LEDAS volleyball team

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