Francis Bernard, the President of Dassault Systemes Russia Corp., named LEDAS as an example of successful and mutually beneficial partnership for Dassault Systemes.

Francis Bernard, the founder and the first President of Dassault Systemes group, a world leader in 3D and PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) solutions, became the President of the newly named company Dassault Systemes Russia Corp., and gave an extensive interview to the CAD/CAM/CAE Observer International Analytic Magazine.

In this interview he said: "DS philosophy in Russia is that we do not only see potential customers, we consider globally the country with its full potential of partnership opportunities. As the example, we have a successful and mutually beneficial partnership with a company of Novosibirsk LEDAS Group, under the management of David Levin. This is a group of brilliant mathematicians and professionals, which on DS request performs Research and Development in geometrical problem solver for CATIA." Mr Bernard emphasizes that "our cooperation with the Russian company LEDAS in its very specific field does not have any exclusivity. Such a model of open cooperation is optimal to us, since every party is free to decide whether to continue the partnership or to leave."

Read full interview in English on the website of CAD/CAM/CAE Observer.