Predicting Failure in Machines with Seismic Analysis

LEDAS’ Fourth Programming Project for Mining, Oil, Gas Industry

LEDAS, a leading provider of research and development services for the CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM software industry, today announces that it is well underway in developing new software for the analysis of seismic waves and their effects on industrial machines.

The new software project has application in solving a wide range of industrial problems. It can be used to predict where cracks might form in mines and so prevent accidents. It is useful also in maintaining heavy industrial machinery with the aim of avoiding failure.

LEDAS is working on this new project together with the science and technology center FRC GS RAS of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and with financial participation of a global mining corporation listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Data from seismic sensors

Data from seismic sensors

The software obtains seismic data from a network of devices positioned in specific locations, and then processes the data using Fast Fourier Transformation algorithms. This approach makes it possible to locate peaks of intensity and so detect unusual mechanical behavior, before failure occurs. The software provides users with the ability to manually analyze seismic waves as well as to set automatic warnings for different levels of danger.

Additional Projects in Mining, Oil, and Gas

This is the fourth project in which LEDAS is involved in the areas of geology and geophysics for industrial applications. The first project completed was for a software vendor working in mining in Australia. It visualizes spatial data from coal mines, with help from libraries provided by the Open Design Alliance.

Another project completed by LEDAS is an IoT (Internet of things) system for positioning workers and devices deep in mines where detecting their locations by satellites and phones is impossible. The software visualizes and analyzes the incoming data to automatically prevent dangerous situations from occurring.

LEDAS today is working on two projects in the field simultaneously. One is dedicated to computing and visualizing geological and geophysical properties of near-surface rock layers. This project is for a major oil and gas company headquartered in the USA. The other current project is the seismic one addressed earlier.

“LEDAS shows its deep expertise in several areas of engineering software, including CAD, CAM, BIM, 3D engines, 3D Web, and digital medicine,” said Alexey Ershov, CEO of LEDAS. “Now we are also developing software for the mining, energy, oil, and gas industries, which for us has become a new area of specialization.”

The market is one that fully exploits the solid expertise LEDAS offers in software architecture and in working with 3D data, in algorithms involving computational geometry, and in non-linear and inverse problems.


LEDAS operates as an R&D software service provider to the global engineering software market. For more than twenty years, its staff of highly-qualified mathematicians and computer scientists has been taking on remarkably ambitious projects.

LEDAS has success in completing custom software development projects for Dassault Systѐmes, Cimatron, JETCAM, and more. These companies were able to put their innovative engineering software products on the market using the R&D services from LEDAS.