New auto-constraining functionality in the version 1.4 of the LEDAS Geometric Solver LGS 2D

The LEDAS company notifies about release of the fifth commercial version of its parametric solver LGS 2D.

The main novelty of the released version 1.4 is possibility of automated constraining that allows users to complete the under-defined models by paramerical constraints. This functionality is useful when importing data from the non-parametric systems since it makes it possible to get parameterized and easily modifiable model from an initial non-parametric sketch automatically. Besides that, the automated constraining speeds up the overall creating process of correct parametric models.

The automated constraining functionality in LGS 2D is based on the use of a predefined set of the rules and priorities of the constraints. They are aimed to obtain the most natural parametric models. At the same time, the application which uses LGS 2D can define its own constraints priorities to influence the final results. Independently of the type of used priorities, LGS 2D controls that the model is not over-defined for the set of the imposed constraints.

Also, in the new version of the geometric solver there are more types of the distance constraints. Now the distance constraints, where there are involved curvilinear objects such as ellipses and curves, are fully supported.

Along with aforementioned new functionality the mechanism to detect the models’ inconsistency has been improved. In addition, the behavior of LGS 2D is now less dependant on the scale of the geometric model.

LEDAS pricing policy

In the middle of September the LEDAS company announced its open pricing policy for LGS 2D.

The campaign is to demonstrate that LGS 2D is a widely affordable solution, to drastically smooth negotiations with potential LGS 2D buyers, and to assert LEDAS new strategy "LGS for each market niche" by releasing a series of custom versions. LEDAS Geometric Solver LGS 2D is a family of software components including inexpensive and reliable products for small and medium sized software development companies with model needs, and exclusive solutions with extensive requirements of functionality, support, and consulting for companies with specific demands.

The questions related to LGS 2D license purchasing should be addressed to the LEDAS Sales and Marketing Department:

About LGS

2D LEDAS Geometric Solver LGS 2D is a software component intended to support variational parametric design in CAD/CAM, computer graphics, and virtual reality systems. LGS 2D is a C++ class library that runs on Windows 2000 and XP, Linux, FreeBSD, and AIX platforms. It can be integrated (via its API written in C) into any kind of software application. A sample test application for LGS 2D called Lege'n'd is available for free download at the LEDAS web-site. It was created with the Open CASCADE open-source framework. The application reflects all new functionality and features of LGS 2D.


LEDAS Ltd. is an independent software company founded in 1999 and located in Novosibirsk, Russia. LEDAS developed a state-of-the-art proprietary technology based on constraint programming, and applies it to PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) tasks, including CAD/CAM domain, for resource and project scheduling. Information on LEDAS is available on the Internet at:

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