LEDAS Labs Starts with Cloud-Based Geometry Comparator

The Creator of LGS and VDM Opens a Labs Division to Deliver New CAD Technologies

LEDAS Ltd., a leading provider of software development services for the CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM/PLM market, today announced that it has launched LEDAS Labs, a new division aimed at research in innovations for engineering software. While most of LEDAS’s business continues to be in the area of R&D services, the newly opened Labs makes it possible for the LEDAS team to properly showcase its creative new products to vendors and end users.

“LEDAS turned its focus to software development services, following the sale to Bricsys of its IP rights on Ledas Geometric Solver, Variational Direct Modeling, and other original constraint-based products and technologies,” said Alexey Ershov, CEO of LEDAS. “But we are sure that this is not the only value we can deliver to the engineering software industry. During our participation in the Russian Geometric Kernel project, we examined the area of geometric modeling intensively, and so found some challenges that still are not properly addressed.”

As a result, LEDAS is taking advantage of modern IT opportunities, such as the Web and cloud, multi-core CPU and GPU architectures, and other exciting developments. The company is open to bringing projects from LEDAS Labs to market on the basis of joint ventures with proper partners. For more information about LEDAS Labs and the projects being developed, please address LEDAS using contact information below.

“Many new product ideas were generated last year by the LEDAS team,” said Ivan Rykov, CTO of LEDAS. “They were examined by the LEDAS group of advisors and other world-renown experts in CAD. From these, several projects were chosen, dynamically developed, and are now collected under the roof of LEDAS Labs.

“In the meantime,” he added, “we continue to work on long-term contracts with leading CAD/CAM vendors, such as JETCAM and OR Laser.”

Geometry Comparison

One of the new projects is dedicated to geometry comparison. This technology make it possible to detect and display all changes made to geometry during its lifecycle. Due to global outsourcing of engineering and manufacturing, a single model needs to be tracked accurately. Geometry Comparison is a reliable way to effortlessly control the modifications made.

On the left: a pair of input models. On the right: visualization of differences between models.

The way in which LEDAS approached solving the problem of comparing 3D models contains an important competitive advantage: its geometric comparisons do not rely on Boolean operations, which are not robust. LEDAS instead developed its own algorithm, which is more resilient and is efficient on parallel architecture.

LEDAS will deliver this new technology as a Web-powered solution, as well as making it available for licensing to CAD and PDM vendors.

LEDAS Ltd. is a private, employee-owned software company founded in 1999. It provides software development and consulting services in the field of engineering software, and is a well-known developer of constraint-based tools and component technologies for the CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM market.

More information about LEDAS is available at www.ledas.com

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