LEDAS Adds Teigha to its Toolkit for CAD R&D Services

The benefit of DXF/DWG read-edit-write now available to LEDAS clients

LEDAS announced today that it has become a member of the Open Design Alliance, the developer of the Teigha kernel tools for working with DXF/DWG files. This brings Teigha into the fold of third-party CAD components licensed by LEDAS for developing custom software products for its clients.

LEDAS    Teigha
“Our licensing of Teigha is an essential addition to the set of tools that cover many of the capabilities required for AEC, GIS, and other areas,” said Ivan Rykov, Chief Technology Officer of LEDAS. “Our complete toolkit includes additional commercial software, such as the C3D geometric kernel that provides all major 3D modeling functions.”

LEDAS combines these platforms with modules for data conversion (including converters to native formats of some top MCAD systems), constraint solving, and visualization, so that customers now benefit from a rich set of CAD functions. In addition, the R&D company may re-use components developed in the cooperation with its partners, such as a GPU-based tessellation developed with AWV. LEDAS also enriched its expertize with the best in open-source libraries, such as for mesh processing, point clouds, 3D graphics in Web browsers, and image recognition, for example VTK, Potree, PCL, OpenCV, three.js, and OPEN CASCADE – some of whom have already contributed to resolving requests from customers.

“During last three years we have invested in licensing commercial CAD components that provide key CAD features to our developers,” said Alexey Ershov, Chief Executive Officer of LEDAS. “This allows us to add a lot of value to the rest of the code we develop in-house.”

LEDAS employs an approach similar to other CAD software service firms producing plug-ins for popular CAD systems by paying for the rights to developers of the systems. But instead of adding auxiliary features as just plug-ins to existing software, the company keeps its independence by using the best CAD components as building blocks, and then adds value with its own code to shape an optimal product for end-users.


LEDAS Ltd. is a private, employee-owned software company founded in 1999. It provides R&D and consulting services in the field of engineering software. LEDAS is well-known for developing constraint-based tools and component technologies for the CAD, CAM, CAE, and PDM markets.

During the 2000s, LEDAS quickly became known in the CAD market worldwide for its development of the LGS constraint solver. The solver was later acquired by Menhirs. In subsequent years LEDAS developed a number of state-of-the art products, computation engines, and modules for numerous engineering software firms, including those in the top 10 of the CAD/CAM market.

Following reorganization in 2011, LEDAS transformed the company’s key business into an on-demand R&D software service using well-established and industry-tested third party libraries. The result is solid technology-based solutions for developing end-user products at the request of its customers in the CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM/AEC markets. At the same time, LEDAS continues developing its own products, such as the LGC (LEDAS Geometry Comparison) software component.

More information about LEDAS is available at www.ledas.com.

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