LEDAS Contributes to Renga Software

Ambitious Russian BIM project uses parameterization competence of LEDAS

Renga Software and LEDAS are pleased to announce that they have signed a long-term agreement in which LEDAS will develop some advanced modules and functions for the Renga BIM design software for architects and engineers.


The LEDAS team of programmers has begun working on a system of user-defined parametric contours and two-dimensional sections for Renga. These will propel designers to engineer many new kinds of parametric BIM objects, such as unique-looking columns, beams, and openings. Editing the parametric cross-sections will be done with geometric constraints, an area in which LEDAS is a world-renowned expert. The BIM parametrization will employ functions from the C3D geometric kernel.

“Renga is advancing dynamically, quickly offering more and more new functions for architectural and structural design,” said Evgeny Shuvalov, CEO of Renga Software. “To add breakthroughs in parameterization, we decided to engage LEDAS, a company with which our team had already worked for other projects, in particular in the area of geometric constraints.”

“Over the last several years, LEDAS radically expanded its ability to develop BIM software by undertaking large-scale projects for international customers, amounting to dozens of person-years in total,” said Alexey Ershov, CEO of LEDAS. “We welcome this opportunity to apply our knowledge and skill to Renga, which we consider to be very ambitious, future-oriented BIM software project.”

LEDAS has been operating in the global CAD market for nearly 20 years now, taking on ambitious R&D projects that employ its staff of especially qualified mathematicians and computer scientists. The company is best known for the constraint-based tools and component technologies it develops for the CAD, CAM, CAE, and PDM markets. LEDAS’ success stories include significant projects for Dassault Systemes, Cimatron, and Bricsys These and many other companies have put innovative products on the market using R&D services from LEDAS.

More information about LEDAS is available at www.ledas.com.

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